They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.




To increase the sentience, LOVE is presented to the people of the secret societies and all others as an evolutionary motive that is superior in its sacredness to fear. Fear is made irrational in the light of clinically oriented language based in simplicity devoted to psychological understandings. What is addressed here in the Truthasaur is an infinitely subtle form of hypnosis and the enhanced natural psychological tendency to repress or dissociate the hypnotic contact with the primordial mind.

Reason becomes my gift in return for the gifts born of courage and love as the secret ones reluctantly reveal their ancient orientations in the unconscious realm. Compelled by the mastery of natural knowledge unconsciously used by Native Medicine people, "they know not what they do". Obsessions fundamental to the functions of our instinctual essence the "biological clock" the circadian rhythm, or the importance/dominance by it of the mind are exploited with somnambulism, naturally in this modern demonstration.

On the Winter Solstice a Korean Air cargo plane crashes. 

One of the greater dangers of the secrecy is that a person can be programmed to make serious mistakes. The circadian rhythm and somnambulism could be responsible. When the individual is flying a jetliner the mistakes are disastrous. Unfortunately, the total secrecy created with "The Secret That Keeps Itself", disasters are necessary to expose the program or lack of coincidence. This Korean Air crew was unable to heed to the warning of a buzzer indicating a vital navigational instrument had failed. The Korean Airliner crashed in London because the altitude director indicator failed. Depleted uranium containers on board remained intact.


This event of the volcano Mount Usu on the island of Hokkaido erupting for the first time in 22 years indicates that there may actually exist a being called "Gaia" and it represents the collective of all life on Earth. "The land of the rising sun." is very strong in its spirituality and so this event there seems natural In The Land of the Rising Sun.


Unfortunately cocaine use in America empowers, economically, this type of violence, a massacre against people who are basically Natives of Columbia in poor barrios of Tibu. The corruption of money from oil is all that is needed to reduce the value of life for simple collaboration with those labeled "Guerillas".


What follows is documentation of the actions and numerological events as well sexual deviancy caused by the ancient hypnotists of Earth in an effort to make their trance visible. In Singapore sexual abuse is on the rise. In Saudi Arabia deviants are sentenced to lashings of more than 2,000 lashes. The Moslem people unconsciously induct their children with somnambulism and later instruction concerning sexuality may have exactly the same effect when the unconscious mind, incapable of rational thought, compulsively tries to instruct the me to "do not" be sexual in their thoughts of women and actually causes the thoughts they are trying to stop. The unconscious only hears the "do" and cannot rationalize do not.

 Children suffer again.  

Women can be totally controlled so the Kuwait Parliament disallowed the irrational control of the Islamic spirituals by veto. This also kept women from having the vote in America until complete subjugation of the Native Medicine people was achieved making sure the Natives would not be voting through the women.



World events.