They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.

Templar's in the Crusades and the assimilation into the Masonic Order

By no means am I what could be called "extensively knowledgeable" of the craft of Masonry. However there are a few things that I am consciously aware of concerning this ancient organization that not even Masons know. They are things fundamental to understanding the essence of what has happened over the last few thousand years of Masonry. The very essence of Masonry demands that the things I am aware of are UNKNOWN by the Brethren. This is the way it is, to varying degrees, with all organizations that utilize the unconscious mind. Secrets are kept simply because they are in the unconscious mind.

Native American Medicine people do not want to be a secret organization. They want people to know who they are and what they can do. This is responsible and over time they have learned this is necessary to achieve their purposes. The organizations of the past had different degrees of secrecy and have always endeavored to help the Masons to regain some awareness of unconscious activities. There are reasons this is difficult for the Masons.

Since the crusades the conscious practices of the hypnosis that accesses the unconscious has been viewed as; satanic, evil, heretical and the practices were dealt with by deadly violence. Standard operating procedures for perhaps up to ten generations of crusaders was to discriminate by appearance; skin color, tattoos, amulets, hairstyle, dress, geographic location, language and other obvious, innocent things. Then procedure was to kill everyone associated with the village or household, burn the houses and the barns, kill all the animals that were not wanted, poison the wells and then salt the land. Any valuables were plundered to pay for the operation. The chain of command was organized and perpetuated with a secret use of the same hypnosis that the Pagan, heretical factions used. Primarily facilitated with original instructions given to children. There are accounts of the Templar past that have a glossy finish but they are also told from the perspective of the Church of Rome that utilized and protected the Templars. It is certain that they had a great deal of discipline, were ruthless warriors, "ask for no quarter, give no quarter" with high morals and were very advanced in the sciences.

The Masonic order was infiltrated by default with the oral histories of the crusaders as the churches were empowered by movement of the people away from the ancient practices. As the church gained power the obvious aspects of the crusaders uses of the ancient knowledge became suddenly repulsive as they were no longer needed as warriors and the Templars were driven from power and into hiding. The King of France was advised by Rome that the Templar power would oust him as the crusaders opened banks in France. After being banned from France then mapping the worlds coastlines from the decks of their ships, most ended up being absorbed into the Masonic order in Scotland as the masons were needed to build churches.

To support this I must delve into the missing history of European sun worship. The Templars began as the Nine Knights of France, boys originally unconsciously programmed with somnambulsim by Cistercian monks led by Saint Bernard of Clairveux. Other accounts describe more chance origins. However in the world of the unconscious programming of ancient factions very little is left to chance. It is interesting to note that the nine Knights of France were basically of Tuetonic origin that was related to the Druids. Later, the association with Cistercians made them opposed to the Druid. Later yet the Templars were assimilated back into the peoples of what is now called Scotland where Druidism flourished.

Since the crusades this knowledge has been shunned by human culture and become the secret tool of the powerful. To maintain a basis in fact I first present the mystery of Chartres, a Cathedral in France originally built by the Ttemplars. The following scan is of page 22 in a book called "Sacred Places." It states that no one presently involved with the church knows why the midday sun passes through a stained glass window depicting Saint Apollonaire, the Roman Sun God Apollo, to fall upon an iron tenon (pin/nail) set in a odd stone tile of the floor.

Below: Time Life Series, "Mysteries Of The Unknown". "The Mystical Year" page 10.


The fact that this statement is on page 22 should at this point begin to form a matrix, within the information presented in the Truthasaur, that PROVES my assertions of an unconscious realm, separate and unknowable from the realm the readers mind now occupies. The Indigenous peoples have compelled the publishing powers to show their alignment with the secret societies by having them place this story on page 22.

To support the widespread aspect of Templarian sun worship, the design below is the basis for the design of the central overhead window in the ancient "Church of Caravaca" in Caravaca Spain. The Templar's were closely related to Spain and the Spanish explorers Pizarro and Columbus had the benefit of the maps of the world coastlines the Templar's created. The line of the Summer and Winter Solstices as well as the Equinoxes are drawn indicating the ancient practice of sun worship was recognized.


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