Massacre at Montsegur 

The Knights Templar were subconsciously programmed to be ruthless tactical fighters and to purify the world of the evil Pagan trance and the heretics that used it, even though they themselves used it. The hypocrisy could be justified with fear.

The Cathars of Montsegur were massacred by crusaders in the employ of the Church of Rome. The Templars were conspicously abscent as noted in a titiled "RULE BY SECRECY, by Jim Marr has a summary of 1500 years or so of secret societies. The Templar quest for knowledge was supreme and there are implications that say the Templars may have enabled the church to end up with knowledge of Jesus and the Grail that the Cathars carried. One account says two hundred and four Cathar Knights were given a choice to jump into a raging fire at the base of the fortress of Montsegur or die fighting with the guarantee that their women and children would be slain as well. Another is that 204 were burned at the stake. Some credence is given to this by the mention of cremation camps in use in those days to make a proper spectacle of the atrocity. The horror of that sacrifice, keeps today, the Cathars silent of their rich and beautiful understanding of the unconscious mind. A hundred years later nearly the same thing happened to the Templars diminished to an inquisition although early in the persecutions there was torture and burnings.

The Templar's and the Cathars were assimilated into Masonry in Scotland. Masonry originates with the guilds of ancient Mediterranean cultures. It derives its basic knowledge from a myriad of sources. In speculation I present the possibility that the ancient Egyptian knowledge creates the present veil of secrecy that appears, for all intents and purposes, impenetrable. The veil is a mandate of the unconscious mind that has a basis in something which I suspect is fairly beyond contemporary belief systems. In order to be comprehensive I'll present it anyway.

The pyramids and the mystery of their construction are the great supporter of this hypothesis. Due to the inability of the modern field of engineering to adequately explain how the great pyramids were built, my theory gains some credibility. The other supporting fact is that Masons are unable to know of the hypnosis that perpetuates their order and the unconscious communications enabled by the hypnosis. My theory is that psycho kinetic concentrations derived from large groups of people can be focused to perform the movement of massive material objects and that force increases when less conscious awareness is involved so secrecy is natural. The basic knowledge could be alien and based in what we call fear. Possibly explaiing why it is only a function of the unconscious as the conscious would become fearful in trying to understand the events although it is unable to comprehend the activity even though the eyes may have witnessed it.

The Cities of Europe had large Obelisks at the southeast ends of long streets running through them. Circles and crosses formed the streets. Paris France still bears many of the circular lot shapes in some old areas that were built upon after the circular streets were abandoned because they "adhered" to the "heretical" "shameful" past.

Here is a little history on the The Arc de Triomphe has been the site of many patriotic remembrances. The body of Victor Hugo lay in state all night under the Arch on May 22, 1885, before being buried at the Pantheon. On July 14, 1919, the victorious battle troops marched under the Arc de Triomphe, and the Unknown Soldier who died during the war was buried here November 11, 1920. Three years later, a flame was lit in memory of all who died in the war.

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For continuity I speculate further into what happened between the Cathars, the Templar's and the Catholics.

The Cathars, a long time before Montsegur, knew of the Church of Rome. The government of Rome had known about the Christians and attempted to "borrow" the structure of discipline the Cathars actually. After the crusade on the Cathars, the radical Templar's were viewed as heretics and were ousted from their Cathedral, Chartres. Given the strife in Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants I could surmise that the Protestants carry the unconscious oral histories of the Templar's as related through Druidic and Celtic merge of the Cistercian monks and the Irish the histories of the Cathars with knowledge from the Mediterranean and south. Still bitter enemies without being sure of why.



about our secret history





They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.