Minority Report with Tom Cruise examines precognition and how it might help stop negative events.

This new film that attempts to demean the concept of using information of the unconscious to stop negative events from impacting life only delivers a few instances that show its connection to ancient sun worship. "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise has three instances of numerological identity that make it a part of the Truthasaur. Early in the film an election on April 22 is the topic of a conversation that discusses the publics acceptance or rejection of "precrime" as safe, functional and lawful. After the character Tom Cruise plays is on the run trying to uncover the plot to turn him into a murderer, inside the control room it is stated, "He has 22 hours until he commits the murder". When Tom Cruise's character visits his ex wife at her cottage, Agatha the precog, while detailing an alternative future of the abducted son sees him at 23 years of age. In the finale Tom Cruise has the Washington monument over his left. George Washington was a Mason and all but two of our presidents have been Masons. Steven Spielberg is Jewish, Judaism is studied by Masons along with Christianity until the 14th degree.

The movie works in several subtle ways to demean the value of precognition. It depicts a world that invasively, without respect, uses information of the future to justify violating peoples rights, the spiders. The movie depicts the precogs as pitiful freaks exploited by perverts. The producer/directors attitudes towards people and their serious difficulties is communicated in the scene in the Federal Housing tower where the spiders enter an apartment with a man and woman arguing. After the spiders scan their identity, the couple continue arguing as if nothing has happened showing what the director thinks is funny.

The perpetrators are then depicted as being put into a form of suspended animation, violating their rights in an unthinkable way. Instead of the potential reality where they are possibly cured of the intention to kill by treating their mental problems.

Perhaps the most telling regarding the secret power that created the movie is the ending. A nice warm happy ending with no hint of anything supernatural being a part of the world in any way. Nice warm, happy, complacent ending. Exactly the mentality the media and the secret societies that control it promote.


The precog is actually the criminal person being read in his unconscious mind by a person with the skills of the ancient Shaman. All people would be given a deep trance basis at childhood. Official controls would always work towards keeping this control over people to guide the peoples spiritual development towards non violence, function, and happiness. The concept of questioning a person coencerning their own future has been used to create a treatment called "TIme line therapy". This concept has been explored by the Executive Director of the "American Institute of Hypnosis" Tad James. Here are some links that will show you a little about what is known.


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Basically how precrime would work is the tendencies of people would be known, learned from the people themselves. A person with violent tendencies would be contacted more frequently than others and they would be read in time lines concerning their intentions and if those intentions included criminal behaviors they would be given instructions and set up for post hypnotically coordinated experiences with others who were post hypnotically scripted in order to teach them the true horror and pain of the damage they might do to another human being if they lose control of themselves.

Octopussy; James Bond

Bond is the classic Masonic male fantasy figure. Filled with secrets, intelligent, trusted, resourceful, handsome, irresistable to women, verile, dangerous. Enough said. In Octopussy the historical Masonic unconscious fascination with 22 is seen In Octopussy just after the canon is in the parade where an edit cuts to Bond passing through a gate. He glances at his watch, the time is 2:21:22. Later as Bond nears the circus tent he glances at his watch, time 2:44:22.

The Fugitive

Harrison Ford stars in this movie remake of the series originally starring David Jansen. Ancient sun worship makes its point over and over with numerology. The doctors wife was murdered on January 21, on August 21 a man name Lentz was run over, Sykes (the murderer) tries to shoot Kimbal in car #23. In the final scenes at the Hilton guests sitting at table #21 are shown.

Mr. President

There is a date mentioned and in the countdown in votes of the female lead role 22.

Bagger Vance

Directed by Robert Redford who also directed the Horse Whisperer. What if a horse wisperer was really an exceptional telepath. Redford also narrated a video about Chaco canyons numerous solar alignments. Archeologists and Anthropologists still do not realize why so many people travelled to Pueblo Bonito. They went there to watch the Winter Solstice sunrise or another solar event to set their biological clock. The Medicine people would program their subconscious to provide healing, entertaining and fulfilling mental events as well as meetings with others that were coordinated in time.

The theme sentence for Bagger Vance is the very best way to describe what I have come to know.

"Some things cannot be learned, only remembered."

It is a paradox for a person to say they are conscious of their unconscious. So you can't learn about it with your conscious mind in the present. However what was unconscious can be remembered through uses of somnambulism! This is how I come to know what I know about the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious.

The examine the symbolic and numerical relationship of the circadian rhythm to the







They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.