Masonry, Communisim, Islam and Saddam Hussien..

In 1850 the Masons learned of the specific instructions the Medicine people use to protect their bearers of unconscious oral histories from uncomfortable memories becoming conscious. e.i.

"You will never be able remember what we are doing to you until we want you to."

The Masons were compelled by instructions that infiltrated through the Templar's oral histories, perhaps from Islam, to modify those instructions and compulsively administer instructions similar to these, to children;

"You will never be able to know what we are doing to you."

What has happened is that the instructions, the compulsion and the hypnosis have left the Masonic Order and are being passed on from generation to generation secretly, directly, with no rational control whatsoever. These are secret societies totally secret from themselves. The ancient societies learned that if parents administered original instructions directly to their children, their performance in life was too intensily focused and positive options for change were ignored.

The spiritual infiltration extends to more recent takeovers of certain lodges by dark or satanic factions and are causing serious problems. By understanding how the unconscious mind works and demanding that law enforcement and the courts develop an understanding as well, you will be protecting all of us.

Another aspect Islam compulsively programmed into the ancient mind of the subconscious crusader is Armageddon. Do you wonder why?

The compulsion to eradicate societies that use the unconscious hypnosis extends to beginning a war that ends with a preprogrammed mistake, perhaps similar to the recent bombing of the Chinese embassy. Do you remember Saddam Hussien eagerly proclaiming that he was starting the "Mother of all Battles" during the Gulf War?

The tendency has been compulsively to know less and less about the unconscious interaction. In America we've had the Native Americans struggling to counter that tendency. They know how far it can go, the problems that can arise. That is the reason they created the mass insanity in Santa Barbara in 1876. In Europe there has been nothing like this and the secrecy took over in Eastern Europe with the communistic countries. Here is an example.

 The Symbol of American Masonry  The symbol from the emblem of the hat of an East German Border Guard


The Masons want it to end but are disabled from consciously doing it and the Native Americans are helping them. The relationship in the symbols above is proof of what I claim. Our world depends on your ability to understand that unconditional LOVE is what we need to focus on in order to save our future. Forget fear! I am doing what I can by attempting to use the legal system but EVERY time I am in court my constitutional rights are violated by the judge. The media will print nothing of what I've uncovered. Our future is jeopardized! Work with me to organize in our freedom to protect our children's futures.

A Mason investigating me explained that the Masonic retirement home was full while the orphanage had fifty children in it. Basically this matches what I was told in a trance by the Medicine people. Individuals of our society are aligned with the order and don't know it. When the Mason explained that traditionally the son of a Mason came to his father and asked "Father what are your deeds?" and the father would then explain what he had done and that he was a Mason, I realized that these actions were created by conditional post hypnotic instructions or creating conditions that the next generation of Masons would respond to that would have them joining the Lodge. This link has been broken. This was why so many sons of Masons didn't become Masons after perhaps nineteen forty and why the membership has dwindled.

Originally Masonry consisted of only three degrees. At the third degree a man was a master Mason. At some point, perhaps just after 1900 other degrees were added. Now a Mason studies Judeo Christian religions to the Fourteenth degree then switches to studying Islamic religion. I was told by the son of a man who studied Masonry until the seventeenth degree that his father came home and told him about the coaching sessions until the fourteenth. His father could not remember any of what had transpired during the coaching through the fifteenth and the sixteenth. The father dropped out and told his son, "If I cannot remember what I am learning, there is too much chance I will not know what I am doing later."

Had they accepted me into their Lodge, after the fourteenth degree I would have begun to loose my ability to manipulate these concepts by the processes of dissociation and repression's that accompany the particular forms of hypnosis they unconsciously practice.

The Masonic and the Shamanic groups cross all boundaries. Here is evidence that the Jewish faith has a role in Israel that could link us to the unconscious process called Armageddon that is intended to shock us into a conscious recognition of the unconscious collective, our racial histories and how they control us.

The Mason who was investigating me in my 1999 application process to join the Order gave me this magazine. As I explained what I knew about the unconscious interactions of the Masons he nodded his head accepting every word. His eyes pleaded with me to share and stop the unconscious process the brethren carry in time.

Later on I found this article on page 14 of the magazine that describes the Deputy Grand Master as an Arab.

Unconsciously the Order is networking with factions of the Muslim religion aspects of the conditions that signal steps in the Armageddon process. Look at the historical contacts with Muslim peoples that the Templars had.

Why is the Washington Monument an Egyptian solar alignment device?

The potentials for this degree of dissociation are covered in the comments to "EMOTIONS and MEMORY," as well as the highlighted sections of "Human Behavior". This is why the Director of the American Psychological Association, Ethics Department left upon reading my letter to the association.

Psychology should have retained the information of the sublime but the unconscious take over included the current generation of psychologists from childhood so they were disabled from dealing with the information. If the index of modern psychology books are examined, it can be seen that there has been a dissociation from a usage of the word dissociation. A dissociation of dissociation. It is not their fault. If there is blame to be assigned, the people of this Nation must accept it for entertaining a fear of the unconscious and allowing government to exist without strictly following laws.

I learned from the Masons I spoke with that Masonry before 1850 consisted of only three degrees. It is likely that the upper 30 degrees are where the information is contained that has subverted this noble and necessary practice with somnambulism. Without a conscious method to organize the unconscious existence of a community in strictly positive activities it is largely left to the eventual dominance by compulsion and obsession because humans naturally engage in hypnotic activities and the resulting sensitivity to telepathic exchanges.

The treatment of mental problems and the teaching of the unconscious are of such great and durable benefit to us that it should be considered unthinkable in light of the information presented in the Truthasaur to neglect this responsibility simply because of a fear of the underlying primordial, animal mind.

 The monumental importance of preserving and using the past, history to protect ourselves and our futures outweighs all other considerations. However, this unreasonable fear of the human unconscious mind and its historical uses are mocked and ridiculed by the leading mens magazine of America. Unconsciously using sex to encourage rejection of truth.

Mocking History and Warnings From it.


The Secret History of



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They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.