Untold Story Of the Crusades.

It is the story the Cathars. The following scan of pages of a book called "Massacre at Montsegur" describes aspects of the Cathar religion. The underlined phrases in the book were done by some unknown person before I located the book in the library. I feel certain in saying that the Native Medicine people had used their knowledge of the unconscious to compel a Cathar scholar to locate and underline for me the pertinent statements identifying the activities of the religion specific to the very subtle hypnosis that the crusades tried to remove from planet Earth. All that was achieved was that the


However, the hypnosis still exists exclusive to the unconscious mind.

Creating a very dangerous situation as the unconscious collusion continued unchecked, unknown in the unconscious realm dominated by fears and desires.

Consider that you have two lives. One consciously known the other unconsciously known. The unconscious life happens mostly while you sleep which affects your unconscious as it operates for your conscious, waking states. What is unconscious is exclusive to the unconscious, what is conscious is also possessed by the unconscius. The Id, the animal mind. Our primordial reptilian mind, the vessel of all our phylogenetic instincts.It operates in a realm of what we could call mitogenetic radiation.


The following Pages are from a book called MASSACRE AT MONTSEGUR, by Zoe Oldenborg.


"Safe Mountain"

There are four solar alignments, two for the solstices and two for the equinoxes at Montsegur showing a subconscious index to the circadian rhythm.

The phrase "Catharist ministers, (Parfait) stood far closer to their flock than any Catholic priest" indicates a moment where the hypnosis was implemented. Telepathic communication imparting vast amounts of information creating a deep adherence to ancient truths of humanity were established in these brief moments.

The identity of the "Roman" Catholic church goes to linking Catholicism to Rome. An understanding of what spiritually happened in Rome must be assimilated. Here we get into very unknown areas of ancient humanity. All that is certain is that something happened that made the Romans persecute Christians, Pagans and others.

It is very likely that the word "catharsis" comes from the practices of the Catharist ministers evoking profound spiritual revelation!

Here I present thoughts that are little more than speculation. Although I do remember being told some things while in a trance with the Medicine man and another Native person closely involved also corroborated the existence of, "Lexus, the witch of Rome".

This is the story that I believe the Medicine man gave me.

Lexus as a little girl, perhaps 300 B.C., had been given hypnotic instructions to never consciously acknowledge the hypnosis openly used by her people. When she did mention it her hands were burned with flame. This was done so that she would have the motivation to subconsciously program her younger counterparts much later in life to cause a mass insanity in Rome that had no equal. When people don't know that these things are possible they can be much more deeply controlled which is what dark factions seek. The horrible event resulting from this turned, forever, the Romans against the conscious uses of the hypnosis in their societies.

This is why the Romans persecuted the Christians because Christ knew that love could be used by the ancient indigenous hypnotists to elicit lifelong obedience from their subjects. He had allowed himself to be used throughout his life in order to know that fact. This is how he "gave his life". Later the romans may have "took" it when they were reported to have killed him although the Rosicrucian Order (founded by the templars) indicates Christ survived and migrated to Southern France where a people named the Merovingians originated a larger later group called the Franks. The name of France today. The Christians knew that Christ had sacrificed something profound while he still lived although they didn't, as nobody really did, know exactly how the hypnosis worked. They believed Christ because they were hypnotically influenced to do so. The healing that Christ did was the fulfillment of conditional instructions given to the afflicted to "be healed" of their affliction, when they came before the "great healer."

The same thing could happen today but the people of today don't believe enough in love. All the ancient indigenous hypnotists can do with them is exploit their fears and desires to make them act in time. Love was externalized when it became "Gods Love" in an attempt by organized religion to reduce the control the ancients could have over the people.


About the Cathars






They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.