Winter Solstice Shrine.

The original name for the concept of Anapamu which ended an artificial Ley line in the Santa Barbara city. The though of the Ley line filled the dreams of the Native hypnotists devoted to the path of unconditional love that is followed with sacred knowledge. Knowledge of the deepest human subconscious.

Knowledge held for thousands of years for the purpose of protecting love and life.

The Medicine people are trying to heal from the deep injury sustained by their ancestors in the perpetuation of the denial fanatically and unreasonably supported by government in 1878 as well as 1998. The greater meanings of all of the sacred freedoms of America are found when the freedom is used to protect love and life. Protecting our children and the love they might know in their lives. The irony of the Native American Medicine people denied the right of freedom of religion on their ancestral land is deep and needs to be understood to heal the Medicine people

The Grandmother Shrine. Also called "The Great Shrine of the West" by the Abanaki of the North East Woodlands tribes who are of the "Keepers of the Eastern gate".

Responsible practice of the religion of hypnosis.

The Medicine people were the government before colonization. They were the Vatican and Washington DC. rolled into one. They have known for some thousands of years that an authority, conscious and understanding of the possible extreme abuses of the ancient knowledge of the subconscious, be constantly present to keep the subconscious activities of the Medicine oriented in the positive development or evolution of humanity. Native societies had courts that were competent in understanding and protecting the people from the abuses possible. All of the Native efforts to force an official understanding are intended to return the Medicine peoples activities to the business of survival, evolution and the protection of love and life through the creation of happiness.

Five days of ceremony comprised the Winter Solstice event each year. The first day was Purification day, the second Childrens day, the third Womens day, the forth Mens day, then Sun day. The spiritual elite, the 'antap' directed the ceremonies perhaps utilizing post hypnotic instruction within the people administered decades before.

Ancient American religion using hypnosis and memory control for the keeping of oral histories can serve us as an example of what we relinquished or have been denied. The Medicine people are trying to return knowledge to us, to show us how to evolve ourselves. They are saying to us that we are controlled by the fact that we do not keep the past ourselves. We trust and rely on power to keep the truth of what and who we are for our descendants. To function in the longest term, power must serve love.

Protection from the involuntary trance induction's that are possible with a mind trained from childhood will be found in purification by the culture that consciously knows and supports the deepest human subconscious purposes. When the consciously held purposes are parallel to the essential purposes of human life, all other distractions of the shadowy underworld lose degrees of compulsion. Allowing natural use of the primordial mind in established patterns of psychology that promote survival and adaptation.

Modern society needs to effect behavioral changes that protect the environment. This ancient knowledge needs conscious understanding to be purified. The law, government and the court should be protecting us and they will not. Functional uses of free speech can hold our conscious purposes parallel to our highest and most evolved subconscious intent protecting us from the uncontrolled usage of the ancient hypnosis. This is why part of my "original general conditional instructions" (OGC's) include instructions to promote the use of communication technology to determine our purpose. My OGCs are why, since 1985 (actually all my life) I've dreamed of being a member of a society that uses television and telephone to communicate in ways that make our dreams come true, communicate our greater purpose.

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