Human Behavior

Bernard Berelson and Gary A. Steiner made a case for intensive research into the unconscious mind. The first statement of page 124 seems to counter the statements of the last page. Actually the "failure" is typical of modern hypnotists to obtain any substantial effects at all. We are loosing the skills amongst our people. The ancients know that the childhood instructions given to the individual determine their later suggestibility. By our default, unsavory ancient spiritual factions will instruct children to be later aligned with them because their genes include naturally potent unconscious skills of hypnosis and quite often, within our denial and ignorance, negative forces control our most spiritually powerful people.

The case of the stenographer, above .7, unconsciously counting words is very close to counting days. The Medicine people keep oral histories in the minds of their subjects and therefore know about this and use it with the biological clock.


BELOW: At the top of the page we can see that personality disorders can be dealt with. Implying that they can also be created. C2 Indicates that females are more responsive hypnotic subjects. The bottom of the page has an experimenters account.

BELOW: C3 The hypnotic state from this appears to be a distinctly separate mental state. C5 Underlines the purpose of the Truthasaur.

ABOVE: The information begun at the bottom of page 126 does not add to our understanding because the individuals conducting the experiments, for the most part, are not accomplished enough in the skills of hypnosis to use the unconscious mind effectively in the creation of ESP activity.


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