Human Behavior, An Inventory of Scientific Findings.

This book by Bernard Berelson and Gary A. Steiner is very revealing to our societies true knowledge of the unconscious mind. After examining these few scanned pages documenting true phenomena of human performance, you wil realize that some deep and terrifying knowledge kept psychologists from going to the next step and verufying what evidence here shows is possible.

I neglected to get the date of publication before letting go of the book. I will guess that it was published in the midsixties. Certainly long enough ago to be considered "historical".

At the bottom of page 122 is a classic example of hypnosis making possible an extreme physical feat. The content of the page and its number indicates that the publisher has an affiliation with ancient sunworship.

At .5 on the page below, "organic effects" state that "a number" of studies report the "reduction of warts as the result of hypnotic suggestion". Certain dark, ancient factions have historically been associated with causing and having warts. I was instructed at childhood to grow a "thing on my nose" as a signalling condition to the Medicine people who involved me in this conspiracy. The growth signalled the society of Medicine people that I was following my "original instructions" and would be following through with them to completion. Its appearance was described to them in their original instructions as a condition that triggered them to do and act in certain ways. This form of cellular control indicates, that over time, profound physical changes can be created by the unconscious mind.

Above, .6 antisocial, repugnant or dangerous acts. The statements in this section to not take into account the effects upon children. They do demonstrate what is possible. On June 6, 2000 my left rear tire was shot out. On June 9, 2000 a cement transit mixer unloaded several thousand pounds of aggregate concrete at 50 miles per hour in the slow lane of HWY 101. I was passing in the fast lane. My headlight and rear side window were smashed out, the windshield was damaged. After discovering that the engine was intermittantly failing to idle or start I went to the concrete company, Hanson Concrete of Goleta, and asked that they rent a car for me. The manager brought their mechanic out to look at my car to see if he could determine why it wasn't starting. He could not and instead worked to provoke me with inflammatory statements concerning the impossibility of such a thing being caused by the concrete hitting my car at 50+ MPH. The insurance company refused to authorize a car rental and because I couldn't start the engine alone (it required 2 people, one jumping a wire and the other operating the throttle to keep the engine running) I refused to leave. The concrete company called the Sheriffs department who threatened to arrest me for trespassing. At that time I left. Antisocial, repugnant and dangerous acts.

What the authorities can't know (because of their original instructions) is that if I die trying to get the truth about what has been done, the world continues to decsend into a mass insanity without precedent in human history what you have seen since 9/11/01 is a demonstration of where our future can go! So if you can understand what is being presented here, insist that I receive full and equal protection of the law as is my civil right! The laws that will protect me will protect you too!


from the book, Human Behavior.