Biologists Observe Evidence of Dream State Communications.


A friend over a decade ago insisted that I read another account of the Hundredth Monkey. It was written by the team of biologists referred to in this account. The story was a little different but basically the same. The one important thing left out in this account was the fact that one day the monkeys woke up and they ALL were washing the potatoes.

If monkeys can do this it is logical to assume that we can do it better, more completely in a larger variety of ways.

What if the group had NO conscious awareness or control over the information? What would control the sharing of information? Compulsions? Is this why our society is out of control?

An elderly Mason told me at a Masons dinner that before 1960 it was required that Mason live within 9 miles of the lodge he was a member of.

The Masons are good and they want to be better so they've given me information that can help you to understand what they do.

Secret control of the


is separating us.