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A Request for legal representation to non profit organizations dedicated to civil rights and separation of church and










  SUBMITTED BY: "The Livingston Institute, Inc."

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NOTE TO THE READER: This text will attempt to control with reason in the readers conscious mind, a perception of something that is a paradox, maintained as a cycle beyond the conscious knowledge limits of our shared perception of what our waking world is, was and could be. The text in its complexity, with the readers limbic reaction caused by subconscious mental changes, manifests as a reading experience driven by a gestalt description, generated as integrated into the included legal documents related to the text and the readers reactions, creating clinically, internally for the reader, a demonstration of "JUNGIAN COLLECTIVE" or a "MORPHOGENIC FIELD" as can be related to "The hundredth monkey". The text assumes the reader exists in a "collective" or "field" many times greater than required to achieve the "hundredth" and the "collective" or "field" is one that has rendered, by local density, a conscious psychological ambiance incapable of supporting conscious assimilation of the activities that perpetuate the field because of the particular effect and nature of the field.

The writer identifies our collective behavior, past and present, as the only source of information (at this time) by which we might observe our essential genetic behavioral program and its ability to adapt the "collective" and or "field" when related to the necessity of human mental evolution.

If the readers, as officials of the organization have conscious perceptions of this text, collectively, that are inconsistent with established esoteric history and its relationships to this text or histories potential relationships to the purposes of organization, then the patterns of conscious perceptions of organization members are maintained within the disassociate tendencies linked to subconscious trauma implied by "telepathy", "collective" theories or "field" theories described in the text.

The writer submits that the severity of the degradation of contemporary society and its inability to adapt results from the, "field" propagated, fear driven, escalatory disassociation from the societally recognized and culturally utilized awareness of unconditional LOVE as the consciously known, evolution enabling, human purpose of life.

The text reminds the reader to observe reason, through mental discipline, for the purpose of motivating members and officers, to affirm the rationally carried purposes of the organization and how they might actually be achieved if acted upon.


This project is to document how ancient knowledge, inadvertently, has created unconscious, uncontrolled production and perpetuation of telepathically maintained morphogenic fields through compulsive forms of hypnosis, indoctrinating deep memory, that then dominates the primordial human psychology with compulsions of fear preventing the detection or recognition of the ancient knowledge needed to interrupt the generational cycle. The cycle, subconsciously, with fear and disassociation, prevents our solution of contemporary problems by inhibiting our societal/cultural utilization of ancient knowledge. This project begins an intervention into the subconsciously perpetuated cycle that prohibits the evolution of humanity away from patterns assuring the eventuality of global environmental ruin and or nuclear war.


The organization this grant is submitted to, being comprised of individual members of the public as officers or members, that have been effected by the ambient morphogenic field, as is everyone, and that the writers hypothesis defining the cause of our societal condition is historically the only rational explanation available for the inability of the organization(s) to support the grant writer in previous grant proposals although the writers past, or supporting, material documentation of his exclusive relationship to ancient knowledge is substantial.

The grant writer reminds the officers or members of the organization of their obligation to strive in the making of decisions that enable the organization to serve its stated mission, goals or purposes and that the individuals reviewing this material abstain from attitudinal analysis of the material provided. Only constant rational adherence to the language contained in the strictly stated purposes of the organization(s) and observance of history, will enable the readers, in their official capacity to direct the organization to serve its mission, goals or purposes.

To support the theory that the readers, members of the public, may have been effected by compulsive indoctrination at some time in life, inhibiting their rational abilities, the writer submits legal documents from July of 1997 to the present, products of two civil lawsuits that are clear evidence of governmental inability to be rational with the knowledge needed to understand the detrimental effects, on contemporary society, of unrestrained, compulsive hypnotic indoctrination's. Clearly seen in the legal documents included, despite the obligation of government to be rational, is governments continued irrational conduct providing precedence that supports the writers hypothesis that all members of the public are effected either by direct indoctrination or by general exposure to morphogenic fields, natural events of telepathy and conscious or unconscious meanings communicated along with daily speech.

The writer identifies the compulsive, subconscious indoctrination of children as the cause of a much heightened sensitivity of the individual to the 'collective", "fields" by "tuning" the individual morphogenic sensitivity before the barriers between the conscious and subconscious are formed. The hypothesis presented in this grant explains the tendency for increased separations of the many sub-collectives of human thought simultaneous with the past unwelcome uniformity's of political scandal in media. The legal documents attached exemplify official failures to be rational in the recognition, adherence or upholding of laws, codes or rules of the state, demonstrating, generally, the psychological effects upon individuals holding official government offices that the uncontrolled conditions described in this grant have created.

The writer uses the seriousness of this failure of officials in government to follow laws rationally intended to protect all life to demonstrate that the barriers to the implementation of solutions exists and that the organization this grant is submitted to has a special responsibility reflected in its stated purposes. Government officials are not persons specialized in understanding compulsions of the subconscious mind and the writer emphasizes the grave responsibility of the officers and members of the organization to which this grant is submitted, to use their specialized knowledge of psychology for the empowerment of their conscious recognition, rationally, as the justification to the granting of the writers request to SUSPEND DISBELIEF, if disbelief exists by the reader of the writers theories, and grant funding, and the services of psychologists to undertake preliminary research needed to document the psychological effects described herein.

The writer rephrases the ontological aspect of the preceding statement with alternative language;

If the reader has strong subjective feelings to dismiss and reject the writers hypothesis the feelings should be considered, by the reader, to be evidence supporting the writers hypothesis and that the intensity of the readers feelings is proportional to the degree reader has been influenced by the effects implied in this text.

See the attached GOVERNMENTAL NUMEROLOGY ASSOCIATED WITH SUN WORSHIP to observe by circumstance the inference of the local presence of specific governmental elements that the writer contends are deeply indoctrinated and controlling information determining societally recognized understandings of psychology capable of defining "hypnosis, telepathy and morphogenic fields". The listed governmental elements are comprised of individuals particularly sensitive and reactive to specific morphogenic fields, who are unconsciously clustering with respect to; numerology, socio-political importance, academic dedication and geographic location, for the subconscious purpose of ending the unreasonable, cyclical escalation of destructive tendencies by the potential, adequate initial acknowledgment from the academic community of psychology represented by the organization(s) this grant is submitted to.

The request is materially supported by the information provided with the submitted grant as well as the information on the internet located at;




AND, here, The Truthasaur


It is expected that the results of the preliminary research will provide treatments for the more severe psychological and physiological states caused by uncontrolled indoctrination's and will be detailed in written material provided as the product of the grant.

Some of the solutions to contemporary problems provided and beneficial to the public interest from the product of this grant are;

Understanding and correcting failed marriages/relationships.

Understanding and correcting manic depression.

Understanding and correcting anti-social or violent behavior.

Understanding and correcting substance abuse.

Understanding and correcting family dysfunction.

Teaching the subconscious mind directly.

Pain control and control of autonomic functions.

Solving sociological problems preventing positive change.


The Livingston Institute, for the attainment of its purposes of training and education submits this grant and the grant writer Christopher A. Brown is the appointed project director of the studies of telepathy and related research.



The Center For the Study of Depth psychology or the Pacifica Graduate Institute will be provided with copies of slides of the Winter Solstice Shrine located in the "Lizards Mouth" area called the "Grandmother Shrine" and copies of slides of a second Shrine called "Anapanne" or "Anapamu" which was used by the Coastal Band of the Chumash people of Santa Barbara.

Two slide shows and lectures detailing oral histories, deep trance states, Winter Solstice and deep memory, with a 1 hour length will be provided at the Lambert Road facility.

Copies of the complete logs, writings, database, related websites, videotape, of all research and analysis will be provided as well as affidavits of subject participants.



Due to the nature of the psychological condition created in contemporary society the exact nature of the research will not be revealed in the grant. From experience the grant writer is certain that the information will only serve to inflame the dsissassociative tendencies created by indoctrination or the general morphogenic field presently existing. For an approximate description of activities the writer refers to his grant draft to The Center For the Study of Depth psychology, 1997, to document deep memory.


For the purposes of, clarity reference to previously established effects documented by a book called "The Hundredth Monkey" and other writings dedicated to the documentation of research into morphogenic fields, the writer uses those writings and their references to their respective studies or research, generally, without bibliography, to define a paradigm rationally utilized to justify the language implemented in this grant proposal. The writer provides the general, following definitions for his understanding of the meaning of the terms used.

A. The Hundredth Monkey effect is, telepathic then morphogenic, natural and perpetuated in the society of animals through sublime hypnotic messages.

B. Morphogenic is a term accepted by the writer as a term adequate to describe, fields, their perhaps relationship to varying thought forms, evolution/DNA likely to cause DNA behavioral programs to be enacted. Term "A" implies local sensitivity in animals, largely having a mental state with the subconscious at the front of the perceptions, while humans waking status is observably consciously controlled to a degree, the subconscious compulsions underlie much activity appearing cognitive. It is assumed in humans that greater sensitivity to morphogenic fields is invoked with hypnosis, bypassing conscious limits to telepathic familiarization and maximizing atunement or reaction to the collective or morphogenic fields.

C. The Jungian collective (un)consciousness hypothesis is equal in mechanics to morphogenic fields.

The research will contribute to the functional understanding of evolutionary programming by producing an understanding of the needed cognitive distortions/deceptions of natural compulsions from deep memory motivating behavioral changes or perceptional changes effecting access to deep memory. The clinically documented access to deep memory will reverse the disassociative tendancy creating acceptance generally for learning/teaching of environmentally sustainable life styles needed to halt global warming and ecological destruction.


Contact: Christopher A. Brown

(805) 967-4055


The center aligned text is what accompanied the actual grant. Below each text, left justified is a url that has the same document online so the information the non profit has is also available to you through the Truthasaur.


The following page titled;


A statement made by the Deputy Clerk on June 4th 1997; States that there are 327 Insanity actions in 53 years with 72 cases from 1876 to 1878.


Seventy two insanity actions in two years is nearly five percent of the Cities population in 1876. Compare to the DECLARATION OF GEORGE MICHAEL SKUSE.



The following page titled;


States that there were, in the month of July 1997, 650 arrests for crimes of insanity in the inmate law library of the Santa Barbara County Jail.


This legal document provides proof that there is a very large number of missing insanity actions when compared to the statement of the Deputy Clerk of the Superior Court. By law each arrest for a crime of insanity must have an insanity action to determine the disposition of the accused.



The following page titled;


Dated July 24, 1998, States that the Grand Jury has limited time and that the matter (unidentified) brought before it is not a priority and no further action is anticipated. The letter requesting an investigation is included to show that the Grand Jury had adequate information to justify the requested investigation.


Court case files are our societies most important documents because court proceedings are the method by which we understand our mistakes. The failure of the Grand jury letter to identify the matter brought before the Grand Jury indicates and allows mental disassociation of the nature of the matter by the Grand Jury.

Many recent reference books of psychology specific to memory do not contain the words "disassociation" or "repression". Explanations for this are, "the terms have become obsolete or outdated." The grant writer asserts this is an indication of "mass" disassociation of awareness of the phenomena of disassociation making a very dangerous situation with consideration of international diplomacy and environmental concerns.



The following page; letter dated August 31,1998 on the stationary of the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department; The letter states that the Records Supervisor did not appear in court as scheduled as advised by the County Counsel.

The Records Supervisor was subpoenaed with a Subpoena Duces Tecum, properly filed with affidavit and served, to testify as a witness and to bring public records as the official custodian.


The denial of a subpoena is a violation of Federal Subpoena law. The denial is an evasion of duty following constructive notice to the County Supervisors that human life could be endangered by continued failure to follow laws concerning record keeping.




The following page; letter dated November 18, 1998 on the stationary of the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department;States that an Officer did not appear in court as scheduled.

The Officer was subpoenaed with a Subpoena Duces Tecum, properly filed with affidavit and served, to testify as a witness in case 220298 and to bring public arrest and booking records possessed as a de-facto custodian.


The denial of a subpoena is a violation of Federal Subpoena law. The denial is an evasion of duty following constructive notice to the County Supervisors that human life could be endangered by continued failures to follow laws concerning record keeping.




The following 13 pages; the first 3, Conclusions from the book titled "EMOTIONS and MEMORY" by David Rapaport, 1961, the following 10, copy of pages 172 through 181 of "EMOTIONS and MEMORY".

The first 3 pages are the grant writers conclusions of his personal, extreme, exclusive experience, the reason civil case 220298 was filed. The following 10 pages from 1961 have been unreasonably and irresponsibly ignored by psychology, psychiatry and law enforcement.


The implied potentials for memory control and influence to the subconscious mind facilitating post hypnotic manipulation creates a severe danger to the public by direct subconscious, covert action as well as indirectly due to the results of covert actions effecting the mental processes of governmental officials/organizations and other organizations.


The 12 html pages have the appropriate "grant writers conclusions" above each scanned page of the book.



The following 3 pages; the Opening Statement at trial on September 8, 1998, properly filed by the Attorney for a member of the Coastal Band of Chumash Indians.


On the second page at lines 1 through 3 is a statement that the grant writer has claimed he has been inflicted with "harmful hypnotic telepathy".

I Christopher A. Brown Declare under the laws of perjury of the State of California that I have never used the word "telepathy" prior to September 8, 1998 in ANY legal pleading verbal or written. Date____________ Signed____________________



At lines 13 through 20 the defendants Attorney unnecessarily (as a defense) presents the plaintiffs response to admissions to enter into legal pleading the actual descriptions of the hypnotic activities utilized to create a somnambulistic state. The word telepathy was intentionally derived by inference from the plaintiffs responses to interrogatories and included in the opening statement using the plaintiffs legal action as a vehicle for that purpose.

On the third page lines 22 through 25 the defendants Attorney states that spectral evidence has not been deemed relevant evidence in an American court since the Salem witch trials "according to plaintiffs own legal research."



I Christopher A. Brown Declare under the laws of perjury of the State of California that I have never researched the admissibility of "spectral" evidence. Date____________ Signed____________________


Again the defendant uses the legal action of the plaintiff in case 220298 as a vehicle to introduce facts into legal pleading because no other meaningful place exists.



The following page; a copy of page 911 of Blacks Law dictionary of 1933.

The definition of hypnotism, second paragraph, lines 5, 6 and 7, state "and perhaps the exercise of a telepathic power not as yet fully understood".


Considering the significance of the preceding seven documents the word "perhaps" should be removed from later definitions of hypnosis and will be with consideration of the severe disassociation's and denials demonstrated in this grant application.



The following pages; letter dated May 22, 2000 on the stationary of the American Psychological Association from Senior Director Judy A. Strassburger and the letter it responds to, dated 2/15/00 from the to the A.P.A from the grant writer;

The response letter from the A.P.A. first apologizes for the delayed response to the included original letter of 2/15/00. Then in the second sentence the Senior Director states that the letter of 2/15/00 was "originally referred to our Ethics Department . . . the Director left and regrettably you never received a response."


The grant writer asserts that the Senior Director, was unable to state directly that the Director of the Ethics Department left because of the questions posed in the grant writers letter of 2/15/00 to the A.P.A. The inability of the Senior Director to state directly the circumstances of the Ethics Department Director departure is due to elements of disassociation related to questions A. B. C. and D. creating a paradox between childhood, unconscious learning and the duty of the Directors office. The sentence specifically implies, with the three periods or the structure of the sentence, that the Director did leave because of the questions posed and doing so it fulfills to a degree, a sense of duty the Senior Director while also demonstrating an ABSOLUTE quality of disassociation, ultimately the subject of this grant.

Further significance is that an affirmative answer to questions A. B. C. and D. would indicate that a major breach of ethics has occurred. A breach so great that the Director of Ethics was unable to respond, perhaps fearful, a primal emotion and a driving force of disassociation. The extended implications of an affirmative answer to A. B. C. and D. are the subject of this grant as described in the grant and the organization the grant has been applied to is the correct authority to understand and support this grant.

Letter from the American Psychological Association


Here is the card of the person who received this grant at their library around June 5th, 2000

The receipt of the grant was acknowledgedon the back.

Here is the "free" offer that was published in the April 20, 2000 issue of the Independent newspaper in Santa Barbara California. The grant above is the third attempt to gain the support of this non profit organization that has the stated mission and purpose of "Utilizing ancient knowledge for the solution of contemporary problems." In 1993 I sent a full information package concerning/documenting my exclusive information regarding two Winter Solstice Shrines


of the Chumash Indian people of the Coastal Band in Santa Barbara California.

Here I am. Wondering why The Center for Adept Psychology or Pacifica Graduate Institute hasn't called.

after I've submitted two grants to the organization that produces shiny blurb to serve its purpose of, "Utilizing ancient knowledge to solve contemporary problems."

And has a classic 22 in it.

Bark paintings?



concerning human behavior from a book called, Human Behavior.