They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.




To increase the sentience, LOVE is presented to the people of the secret societies and all others as an evolutionary motive that is superior in its sacredness to fear. Fear is made irrational in the light of clinically oriented language based in simplicity devoted to psychological understandings. What is addressed here in the Truthasaur is an infinitely subtle form of hypnosis and the enhanced natural psychological tendency to repress or disassociate hypnotic contact with the primordial mind.

Reason becomes my gift in return for the gifts born of courage and love as the secret ones reluctantly reveal their ancient orientations in the unconscious realm. Compelled by the mastery of natural knowledge unconsciously used by Native Medicine people, "they know not what they do". Obsessions fundamental to the functions of our instinctual essence the "biological clock", or the importance/dominance by it of the mind are exploited, naturally in this modern demonstration.



To make us feel like all economic structures of power in our world ARE NOT focused on gaining more power and that some economic entities have an philanthropic commitment, the Secret Societies have established a support and promotional system through tax code manipulation that empowers an organization to do "good work" for the peoples interests. Or to at least LOOK as though they are but the actions are based in churning confused non comprehensive dysfunction. Immediate effective actions by the masses engaging an elctronic democracy.


The Earth First journal below was was scanned on 1/27/01 proves the Earth First Organization's link to sunworship.

Actually the Earth First symbol says two things,the monkey wrench (masonry and the world of engineering) and the Native war club.


Julia Butterfly Hill and all of Earth First are recognized for their courage, their deep passion to protect the exquisite beauty of our Earth. All of their sacrifices are honored, they are all 100% real, genuine gifts to life that are totally respected by the the author. However until this "Secret Society" issue is addressed they will only be used to make the public feel either threatened by environmentalism or make the public feel as though concerned and powerful individuals are doing the most meaningful things possible to stop the destruction of nature. They are supposed to be an authority in what they are doing right?

There is a group in Indiana called "Elf Lore Family". They tried to sue the Earth Liberation Front for the use of ELF. The suit was unsuccessfull because you must be able to name all of an organizations members if the group is unicorporated. The Earth Liberation Front expresses their frustration with destructive acts. Their commitment can easily be better expressed by maeninful uses of free speech.

A letter to ruckus society is at the bottom.


To; Earth First

P.O.B. 1415

Eugene OR. 97440


RE; Test of "no compromise in defense of Mother Earth".


Dear Earth First,

What if ancient sun worshipping secret societies went around compulsively hypnotizing children, compelling them with fear to forget the hypnosis and to always reach for what they wanted or to seek happiness by the consumption of material items. And this was done in a culture that could not assert, without confusion, what it needed in order to make a profit from the items consumed in desire. Then other Pagan sun worshippers hypnotized again those same children and made a few of them understand the essential importance of the natural integrity of Earth's environment, a natural thing for the primordial, animal mind to know. The Pagans understood love but that wasn't enough to overcome the fear learned first so those who learned to love nature could only fight the consumption and never remember or understand why it was happening.

Earth First is comprised of people who were such children. Reject this proposal and you will compromise, beyond description the organizations ability to defend the Earth. You will make the first sentence of this paragraph true. Paradox, for you. Sorry.

Rather than leave the reader angry and in denial without something like an explanation I will present this logic. If there is a single reason why humanity cannot stop behaviors that are destroying its environment, we can agree, we don't know what it is. We can probably also agree that most things happen for a reason, and that, unfortunately, we usually don't know what the reason is until the things have already happened. This implies that after our ecosystems are destroyed we may be able to know the reason we could not stop the behavior.

If the preceding paragraph is the true situation then the most efficient action to protecting the environment is to correctly understand the behaviors that need cessation, why they are so difficult to stop and how we might stop them. In the most comprehensive perspective, all of our environmental problems are directly related to the behavioral psychology's of our species that define the actions of the different groups comprising our populations.

I respect very much the courage, dedication and purposes of the organization. However if the organization cannot work to assimilate the comprehensive perspective to the core problem I have compiled on the internet and communicate with me, it is likely I will spend the rest of my life referring to Earth First as a deeply deceived, misguided and pitifully lead group of people. Attitude will not serve you here. Only love and an open mind can promise you the ultimate knowledge needed to serve the organizations mission and goal, ideals of great empowerment that protect the sacred beauty of life.

Your inspection of information online can begin at;

I strongly suggest to the first reader of this letter that you disseminate the above url to your members indiscriminately, immediately. If you do not do this, the feelings you will have upon encountering the online information will trigger the process of dissociation and you will most likely be unable to direct others to the web site. Allow the undeniable, logical, factual veracity of the preceding paragraph in italics to manifest as information rather than a veiled analogy. Your group of informed, intelligent, sensitive and loving human beings who have an uncompromising, deep commitment to the defense of the Earth deserves this chance. It is quite likely that the more powerful a person is within Earth First, the less able they will be of informing the others of the web site once they perceive what it communicates. So, just do it. Your fidelity will be established later in our group dialog.

Send the above url to your entire email list of members and others who are trusted in their opinions of societal dysfunction or evaluation of effective defense actions for our planet Earth. If this action is not taken, whoever first has the opportunity, will be compromising the defense of the Earth beyond any description I can apply. Do this because you believe that unconditional love will act first and best to save our planet, not power. Do it NOW!

Think about love, then live. Sincerely,

Christopher A. Brown




March 16, 2001: Earth first. Simply using an open mind and willingness to discuss these issues may not only save the environment it could have protected lives on Sabado Tarde street in Isla Vista California on the night of February 23, 2001. Earthwhen? After you service your fear of the Masons? They are good, do not fear them, they want you to help them to heal so the earth can recieve the respect we all know it deserves.



To; John Sellers

Ruckus Society

2054 University #204

Berkeley CA. 94704


RE; Core problem.


Dear John Sellers,

I'm reading the article by Mark Weisbrot of the CEN. for ECO. and Policy Research. Since the news article on the Malibu training camp I've been aware of ruckus. Efforts to contact by phone and e mails have produced no communication from your org. so this letter comes to you now.

The demonstrations staged are being confused to define a threat, a drain on "public services" and that the police ignored the window breakers in Seattle while attacking the peaceful protesters contrary to logic for an unknown reason. Then the courts in Philadelphia and the "preventative arrests" or "preemptive strikes" allowed despite their blatant violations of the Constitution. I'm hoping you're beginning to realize that there is collusion demonstrated in these events. I can explain these things but not here. I will only say it keeps happening because THE PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED, if they weren't their support would have already, partially, stopped the governmental nonsense.

In Santa Barbara I fight court battles that are fundamental to ending the dysfunction of the people as well as government behaviors. My legal activities are based in exposing the SPECIFIC METHODS OF COLLUSION that enable the covert cooperation's diffusing the efforts of ruckus as well as those that perpetuate the confusion of the people. The basic benefit to all of the goals of ruckus (us the people) is a robust understanding of freedom and how it empowers love and protects life. Truth and justice are fundamental to these values and the courts here will not recognize this let alone laws, or following them, or enforcing them.

The point is, several hundred demonstrators are needed here for the 21st & 28th of September to bring public attention to what is happening. ALL (and more) of ruckus goals or objectives will be attained by aligning with the understanding derived from events In Santa Barbara. Recent legal actions here indicate it is very likely the key to your legal problems will be found in fundamental, Constitutional veracity. Something I have learned to define legally through testing, by the leaders of Native American Medicine people, of the legal system with the essence of human spirituality. What is offered here, to those who care, is an education in its uses . Communicate!


Christopher A. Brown




This slick Canadian publication espousing a sophisticated perspective on the "mental environment" driving environmental destruction can't seem to respond either.



Cover letter for letter to editor mailed 2-20-2001 from Santa Barbara California;


Dear adbusters,

This following text was mailed, hardcopy certified, to your editor.

A proposition:

If our collective mental environment creates behavior destroying the environment then the following information will be of interest.


To; adbusters, editor

1243 West 7th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6H 187, CANADA


From; Christopher A. Brown

(805) 967-4055



RE; Expansion of "Mental Environment".


Dear Editor of adbusters,

Modern psychology has been seriously deprived of vital information concerning the unconscious mind. For this reason psychologists will be fundamentally unable to evaluate my proposal. The unconscious mind determines much behavior. Adbusters magazine is about behavior, behavior that is destroying the environment. In fact adbusters has taken the psychologists role in our society with greater flair than any entity I can identify.

Behaviors not beneficial to our societies were identified many thousands of years ago and laws were made to provide limits to behavior enhancing the evolution of the people. This establishes that psychology came first. The adbuster perspective/theme on behavior is the most correct general direction curative thinking can go and that it should possess this primary perspective is logically, procedurally correct by all comprehensive standards. I salute your essential position as correct and am compelled to contribute to it, expand it, refine it with the understanding approximately contained in the information of +- 1,000 insanity actions that are missing from the Santa Barbara County, California State Superior court records. Assembled at this web site are aspects of the history surrounding these missing records.

The site provides historical, circumstantial evidence surrounding the fact of a large group of insanity actions in one area over a relatively short period of time. The largest group of missing court case files in the world. This is no accident. Government historically hides the truth of our unconscious mind, this is also behavior. The secret history of Santa Barbara and ancient knowledge of planet Earth, the old world, can be appreciated at web sites identified in this letter The violations of State and U.S. Federal laws in the legal actions I've initiated to bring an awareness of how we can control our behavior, over and over, bordering on ridiculous are recorded online. Documentation of the violations as evasions designed to avoid the missing court case files becoming factual is to be found at;

Soon adbusters attempts to engage U.S. law in efforts to receive fair access to commercial television. This scandalous treatment of your organization by media is a violation of the Constitution, but you may not find the courts reasonable enough to have an effect. The aforementioned web site will show how possible this is. The acts of the courts are all behavior. Your legal staff may be able to see the uniform lack of official discretion or reason demonstrated by the local courts in my actions concerning extreme behavior or the recent school violence. Exposed is a secretly enabled collusion that the people of adbusters must have witnessed in many arenas and seriously wonder about. Since September 8, 1998, Department VI, case 220298, in the Santa Barbara California, I have known exactly how and why the collusion occurs, how the behavior is perpetuated, where it originates and more. Since then I have witnessed its consequences and come to understand enough to know that unconditional love with understanding will dispel fears and unify. To see the contemporary consequences of governmental denial; (

This site should be viewed first and done so entirely. I'm asking you to compensate for seven hundred years of missing knowledge. The task can me made no smaller, but can be easily done if a person cares enough about our future to fully appreciate our past. There are around 26MB and at least one person should examine the entire thing while eliciting opinions on particular pages from others. A mailing list would be most efficient. Send this email subscribe address and you will be subscribed.

Allow an open exchange between you concerning your thoughts or opinions of the site and its perspective upon its information. The list will eventually enable efficiency of inquiry and answer regarding the how, when, who, why of the event documented at Truthasaur. My descriptions of how the behavior was created, generally, will conform to potentials, historical and clinical, derived from authoritative texts found at;

Lostpsyche is the factual, psychological information that evidences a potential for human existence of the greatest beauty humanity can know, abused instead of used. The documentation at Truthasaur is an effort to bring attention to information that is historically repressed. The Truthasaur site is comprised of newspaper clippings documenting behaviors that expose a fantastic conspiracy designed to inform Earth people of the way that they did/may control themselves for the creation today, of a truly evolved, sustainable society supporting the continuity of life.

"The truth is out there". Recognize this phrase? How about, "The truth is the strangest thing of all"? or, "If the truth is something you don't want to know, do you still want to know it?" In the spirit of courage and power using truth to protect life and the love it can know, adbusters has full permission from me to use any information I have placed online, with any and all rights I may have to its publication, in the adbuster publications.


Think about love, then live. Sincerely,

Christopher A. Brown


Here is an example of the helpless GOODNESS of the Secret Societies as they fit into the numeric event that the Truthasaur documents.

Published Monday, March 15, 1999, in the San Jose Mercury News, excerpts:

Expanded Bammies hits the right notes

BY BRAD KAVA, Mercury News Pop Music Writer

SAN FRANCISCO--SATURDAY'S 22nd annual presentation of the Bammies at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium didn't just bridge the north and south of California, it spanned generations.

Perennial performers Paul Kantner and Joan Baez were joined by a new generation of Los Angeles flash musicians, including Harvard-educated guitarist Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, Slayer's tattooed wild man Kerry King, and ska-punks 22 Jacks.

This was the second year the awards were expanded to include the whole state. While this watered down the local feel for some, the result was a varied mix of styles, backgrounds and ages.

The success of the merger was highlighted in the final jam, which last year was an abysmal affair led by Smashmouth's Steve Harwell and No Doubt's Gwen Stefani.

This time, people who could really play stepped forward and meshed, not moshed.

A former Grateful Dead crew led by Bob Weir and jam-mates Rob Wasserman on bass, Merl Saunders on keyboards and Dave Ellis on sax hooked up with the Long Beach Dub All-Stars, whose former leader, Bradley Nowell, died of a drug overdose.

They combined on the Dead's ``Scarlet Begonias,'' into Sublime's ``Doin' Time,'' a masterful, musical Golden Gate Bridge between lifestyles and generations that should have gone on longer.


Bonnie Raitt won the Arthur M. Sohcot award for public service, and in keeping with her ways, promised to give the award to the woman who has been perched in a tree for a year to save the redwoods, Julia ``Butterfly'' Hill. Always one to go above and beyond, Raitt said she would climb up the tree to give it to Hill.

©1999 Mercury Center. The information you receive online from Mercury Center is protected by the copyright laws of the United States. The copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, retransmitting, or repurposing of any copyright-protected material.

Dear Mercury Center. Sue me for all of the above. Please hurry! signed Christopher A. Brown

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