They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.



Media and Corporate Image

To increase the sentience, LOVE is presented to the people of the secret societies and all others as an evolutionary motive that is superior in its sacredness to fear. Fear is made irrational in the light of clinically oriented language based in simplicity devoted to psychological understandings. What is addressed here in the Truthasaur is an infinitely subtle form of hypnosis and the enhanced natural psychological tendency to repress or disassociate hypnotic contact with the primordial mind.

Reason becomes my gift in return for the gifts born of courage and love as the secret ones reluctantly reveal their ancient orientations in the unconscious realm. Compelled by the mastery of natural knowledge unconsciously used by Native Medicine people, "they know not what they do". Obsessions fundamental to the functions of our instinctual essence the "biological clock", or the importance/dominance by it of the mind are exploited, naturally in this modern demonstration.


Corporate Image

Some economic structures of power in our world work to convince us they ARE NOT focused on gaining more power and that some economic entities have an philanthropic commitment, the Secret Societies have established a support and promotional system through image manipulation that empowers an organization to appear as though "good work" for the peoples interests. Some do provide small benefits. The the actions are based in churning confused non comprehensive dysfunction into a transient warm happy feeling that corporations are doing things with their profits to help us.

Early in my efforts to corporate help in obtaining official recognition of unconscious manipulation I realized that much damage is caused by the darker factions who abuse somnambulism by induction children and influencing their sexuality or their ability to make violence. Here is my best documented effort into gaining support.

This is a for profit company that espouses alternative lifestyles.


Unknown danger in the threats of occult activities destroying our childrens lives!

The myriad history of myth and legend indicate that something of profound substance exists in a domain so subtle our prying eyes of curious cognition cannot perceive the occluded events.

Is their anyone who can discuss this issue and the benefits to embracing an understanding of the deep unconscious mind and how to prevent or treat after occult contact?


This is a for profit company that espouses alternative lifestyles.

This was sent by US postal. In the box below is the criteria Mother Jones applies to selecting articles.
Who we are:

Mother Jones, with a paid circulation of 140,000, is one of the largest progressive publications in the country. The national bimonthly magazine is known for its investigative journalism and exposes, and its coverage of social issues, public affairs, and popular culture. Most of the articles we print are written by freelancers.

What we're looking for:

Hard-hitting, investigative reports exposing government cover-ups, corporate malfeasance, scientific myopia, institutional fraud or hypocrisy, etc. Thoughtful, provocative articles which challenge the conventional wisdom (on the rightor the left) concerning issues of national importance. Timely, people-oriented stories on issues such as the environment, labor, the media, health care, consumer protection, and cultural trends.

Mother Jones Magazine
Queries and Manuscripts
731 Market Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

RE: 9/11/01, two 110 story towers with a 22 story hotel at the bottom, flight 11 and the future.
Dear Mother Jones,
It would be an understatement to label this story a "hard-hitting" investigative report exposing a government cover-up, corporate malfeasance, scientific myopia, institutional fraud or hypocrisy, etc." This story underlies every problem the humanity of planet Earth can describe. The most comprehensive statement concerning the dilemma of humanity can be made by saying, "it is all behavior".
Thought provoking is also an understatement of the story I propose. The story is about the workings of the mind. As a challenge to the conventional wisdom concerning issues of national importance this purely people-oriented story on issues effecting the environment, labor, the media, health care, consumer protection and cultural trends, literally could provide a model to understand the purpose of life from a scientific position and create, for the people, a model supporting the deepest understanding of the nations founding documents.
I'm not going to try to describe the phenomena here when I've had description on line for a year or so. You can get to all of it from my web site. The on-line info is divided into four different sites representing four different areas of knowledge we are familiar with. The order here is the same as the links below.

1. Raw data: This first site makes available documentation of the current behaviors that link them together in origin. This site is shocking and tragic. The essence of our society is confronted in a way never before assembled. The rule: NO FEAR!
2. History: Missing history, that; if it were present, would explain, current behaviors as well as mysteries of the past.
3. Psychology: Information available to psychology that indicate historical potential origins of behaviors that, medicine, modern practitioners and law enforcement or courts do not acknowledge.
4. Law: My efforts to compel government/law enforcement to follow laws and investigate according to the available information. A California ballot initiative I authored in 2000 is there to see.

Below are the urls where nearly 1500 scanned documents, news clippings and text are located. Together there is a preponderance, supporting fully, the exposure of secret societies in our modern world.

1. This site documents events, past and present, our society has not confronted with comprehensive perspective. This page has links to sites 2, 3, and 4. Visit them first.

2. This site documents/relates historical knowledge of the unconscious mind that has been "missing knowledge". The secret history of Santa Barbara California provides some verification for my ability to distinguish the information of the site above.

3. Here is found the lost information of psychology that indicates alternative mental states are responsible for much behavior of the present and past. "Lostpsyche"

4. The legal efforts and interaction with official agencies are documented here.

It is expected that Mother Jones would not want to advocate my beliefs directly. Rather, the magazine would report on the information discovered on-line that I have put there. An effort to debunk is perhaps the most innocuous since the contentions are so outrageous. In five years of attempting, no one has ever persisted. Or it is entirely possible the subject of the Truthasaur is just altogether too much for the magazine. In this case, the problem is for the collective unconscious and may not addressable by and for anything less.
I do not believe that to be the situation. We can do this overtly, openly and honestly. However if that is incomprehensible, there is an angle I could write on that would provide helpful information for the reader while not leaving Mother Jones open to damaging criticism. An aspect I've recently accumulated a great deal of info on is mind control through television intended to fuel consumerism. Insidious. A mix of that with general media manipulation guided by special interests and it is easy to see how the American family, extended family, neighborhood, culture, society and democracy etc. is spiritually under attack.
Constructively, my understanding of the human unconscious, as it has developed, can provide solid argument supporting much of what Mother Jones has intuitively espoused for years as functional lifestyle. Communicate please.

Thank you sincerely,

Christopher A. Brown

Here is my follow up.


Hello Mother Jones,
I've sent a potential story that meets or exceeds all your guide lines and I'm wondering what has happened to it.

My name is;
Christopher A. Brown

My email is;

This is a for profit company that espouses alternative lifestyles.

I signed a pledge on 5/5/01 located at;

and left this comment

The reason so many women have breast cancer is that government has empowered the expansion of industry and the inherent toxic by products. Children maturing in this environment will continue to contract more and more serious diseases. The reason government does this is because the people have no voice and are isolated from each other by television that exploits there desires for material objects which empowers industry. This is a vicious cycle that threatens our futures with destruction. The main reason things have progressed to this point is that the courts are not recognizing the intent of law, upholding laws or enforcing laws of and for the people.

If this organization would like to stop this process, contact me. I know exactly how it can be done.

Think about love, then live.
Christopher A. Brown

This is a for profit company that espouses alternative lifestyles.

Jeff Rense,
I spoke to in 1998 on the phone in Santa Barbara. My name is Christopher A. Brown. I was refered to you by Margo Daru, perhaps you remember her.

At the time you were not interested in my information. I'm hoping that the seriousness of recent events may have changed this.

I have a very full understanding of the collective unconscious. We are at its mercy until we consciously acknowledge it exists and put reasoned, cognitively generated information that the collective is helpless to deny (as the info allows our survival) into it via our individual unconscious minds. I know the ways we can do this. Who used to do it and why we aren't doing it any longer.

I may sound incredible, but the global future may hinge on your ability to answer this email

Think about love, then live.
Christopher A. Brown

This is a for profit company that espouses alternative lifestyles with a host that makes us think she cares.

5/29/01 <>... User unknown

4/03/03 This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

Dear Leeza,
What if an old friend of mine was Joie Armstrongs uncle and I warned him in nineteen ninety seven that his family was in danger. He refused to listen and rejected my well founded concerns that cited history and psychology, now he won't talk to me and thinks I've hurt him in some way. I was worried because facts of legal record are missing concerning the human subconscious mind and I knew there was a familial association with something terrifying. Psychology is deprived of vital understanding that can prevent the mentality of people like Cary Stayner who killed my frinds niece on July 21, 1999, at Yosemite and empower us to heal the mind.

Please help, understanding is the only protection for our families and futures. I have a great deal of information, solid information on a subject that no one wants to discuss that can provide tangible, permanent relief from disorders of the unconscious mind and empower us with knowledge about the human condition.

Thank you,

4401 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90027
tel: (323) 666-6500

11/26/01 I sent this message. No response. Today 4/03/03 I send it again.

I have information essential to understanding the reasons for Islamic fanaticism. The information concerns the unprecedented school
violence of recent years. It concerns the deep unconscious mind that psychology has ignored.

And psychology does ignore it!

In fact I've compiled various authoritative text that supports and explains a personal experience. When the text is presented to
psychologists along with competent inference derived from the text, they turn pale and wish to end the converation!

Please communicate with me. Our collective futures could easily be at stake. Compassionate courageous media is our only chance.
Thank you sincerely,
Christopher A. Brown

This is a for profit company that espouses alternative lifestyles.

beggar spam

A beggar sneeks in through the side door.
"Honorable people, please, a moment of your time. I have a website that bears the greatests of secrets of humanity. I seek not to make a profit and I am too damaged to fill out all the forms to be a non-profit, I seek to protect our futures by sharing knowledge of our true nature. Can you help me? Much of what I know and say relates to information of your site, human nature. If you would like to help people cope with the present and the future, my site needs advertising but I am very poor. Please kind people......."


Here is one that responded. This is a typical new age group that gives its mission statement below but cannot use somehow the idea that the unconscious contributes tremendous consciousness raising revelation to the mind
The purpose of Global Meditation Focus Group is to facilitate greater cooperation, coordination, and synchronisation between those individuals, groups, and networks who work or wish to work for peace and healing on Earth through meditation and other consciousness-raising techniques.


This is only email I found on the web site. Could Jean Hudon or some other from "earth rainbow network communicate with me concerning all aspects of the organizations mission statement regarding fulfillment of the mission?

History dynamically supports the understanding of the unconscious human mind that can help us to adapt and evolve with unconditional love in guidence.

Thank you,
Christopher A. Brown


> Dear Christopher A. Brown
> I find rather cryptic your statement "History dynamically supports the
> understanding of the unconscious human mind that can help us to adapt and
> evolve with unconditional love in guidence" ans have no idea what you mean
> exactly with this in relation to the Earth Rainbow Network (ERN) Mission
> Statement. I'm the coordinator of this network and nowadays my contribution
> is limited to compiling and networking to the people on the ERN list the
> relevant material and comments I receive from those on the list
> corresponding with me. The initial founding members of this network now
> seldom keep in touch with me and therefore there is hardly anyone paying
> attention to this Mission Statement.
> Anyway if you are interested and if that's OK with you (? - just let me
> know if you are not interested), your email address has been added to the
> Earth Rainbow Network emailing list. Being on this e-list, you will
> regularly receive information on a broad range of subjects, including each
> new Meditation Focus issued every two week. If at any time you wish to be
> removed from this list, simply ask me so.
> All my best to you
> Jean Hudon
> Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
> and Focus Group Facilitator

Here is an effort to get an L.A. Times columist to examine the issue of State law and the missing insanity actions of Santa Barbara County.

I enjoyed your article on mental illness. There is a reason we cannot "wrap our minds around an understanding of mental illness". The County of Santa Barbara California has destroyed up to 1500 court case files from 1876 forward (all insanity actions). The reason for this is that the people who control our government and media as well as many others have been influenced by an ancient form of hypnosis that has been made into a megalithic secret. Visit my web page;

to see proof of 300 missing insanity actions. Two thirds of the way through the text on the link titled "Todays Legal Trail" you will find a link highlighted as "incomplete" (

compare this to the statement of the clerk of the court (

Ancient, secret organizations have completely taken over our government and the proof of this, or their irrational denial and lawlessness can be found midway on the page "Todays Legal Trail"


No lawyer will assist me so the courts here continue to violate my rights as well as allow the County to violate state law and codes intended to enable the development of treatment for mental illness.

My life is being destroyed by this local governments corruption because I continue to fight the ancient secret oragnization that controls our government.

Our government suffers from a MENTAL DISABILITY caused by the same form of hypnosis native Mecicine people use. Please communicate if you really care.

Christoper A. Brown

I try again

Greetings Shawn Hubler,
I ask you to understand something about our human subconscious minds that has not existed for perhaps sixty years. There is an ancient secret trance that can be induced on a child that makes them suseptable for life to being hypnotized against their will and without their knowledge. In that state they can be programmed in their primordial mind with specific, childhood instruction creating absolute secrecy from the self, then any behaviour that is natural to a human being.

UNDERSTAND THAT DENIAL IS NOT A PROTECTION because if knowledge is denied, it can be used to hurt you and you won't know why you are hurting.

PROTECT CHILDREN by loosing all fear of understanding human behaviour and how people can be programmed with it.

See my web page, for a look into "Missing Knowledge". It is a beginning of a perception of very deep aspect of ourselves. There are nearly 5MB so be prepared to look around to gain the benefit of the truth revealed.

Think about love, then live.
Christopher A. Brown

sent 9/30/00

Dear Patt Morrison
We met one evening about three weeks ago at the Falkner Gallery at the library in Santa Barbara where you spoke on "newsworthyness" with another reporter. I am the outspoken one who insisted that 1,000+ missing insanity actions (court case files) were news worthy and there was a media blackout on the subject.

I informed you of my web sites and you said "I'll look at one page" relating to the mass insanity or the missing insanity actions. After examining my sites for the "page" that focuses best on this I decided on;

There are numerous links from that page to pertinent scanned documents, information supporting my contention that knowledge has been removed from our society concerning our primordial subconscious mind. The most significant knowledge removed is the missing insanity actions because they are official and the field of psychology could be competently informed by the information that was contained in them. The 2 url's below are scans of the subpoena denial letters where subpoenaed arrest and booking records that could have proven that the 1,000+ insanity actions once existed, were denied.

The hiding of the insanity actions from public viewing from 1876 to 1959 begins the "disinformation" of the public concerning the most subtle interactions of human nature. In the hope that you might extend your examination of information past "one page" after you see the single page I deem most relevant to the information you're most interested in I recommend number 2. of the sites below. Site 1. is globally historical and 3. is a great place to challenge young persons understanding of life and American values.

There is an extension to the legal site that has very important information documenting the inability of the leading authority of psychology (A.P.A.) to deal with potential abuses of hypnosis. The letters are exhibits in my civil action 01035100 alleging that the denial of subpoenas and others evasions of duty by Santa Barbara County are endangering children in schools.

I wish very much that I could inform you with a single sentence or document but the subject is a subtle, harrowing and diverse matter that spans human history and key, vital information has been removed. If you can make the time to take on what is available, these sites are acceptable information and define the "newsworthyness" of what knowledge is missing from our culture and society. If all of this sounds too fantastic to be true, try and find documentation that disproves it. You will be suprised that there is none. What you will find is more evidence that supports what I claim.

1. About missing knowledge.

2. Scans of the legal battles.

3. A psychological maze for fun and learning.

Thank you sincerely,
Christopher A. Brown

SENT 9/28/02
I saw your posting on the "Acton Forum". I feel your angst at what
is happening. The U.S. is a pit of apathy and confusion for sure.
I'd appreciate it if you'd look at my web site and comment.

The site deals with the essence of our situation. This sounds nice but
it appears it's a "can't get there from here" type situation. Although
I could be wrong and all that is required is saturation before a
threshold is attained regarding the particular kind of truth found at:

Hold onto your hat. It is a heavy place. Taboo knowledge for the
western world. Seems crazy but there is far too much evidence for
it to be anything but real.

Christopher A. Brown

SENT 12/20/02

Dr. Norman D. Livergood,
Very good compilation of events in comparing the beginning of Nazi Germany. I have information that indicates that
hidden or secret mental functions possesed by humanity are responsible for both Geman evens and events in the US.
See my web site;

Take it with a grain of salt as it only represents a preponderance of information rather than a collection of verified
events relating to my contentions. However by the nature of them we can see that something very profound is
happenning in our world. Examine the three sites linked from the top of the idex page, Missing Knowledge, No Justice
and Lost Psyche for verification of aspects of what I contend.

Please commnicate with me regarding how to use this information if you faeel as though you are able.
Christopher A. Brown

Attempts to contact Michael Rupert of "Truth and Lies of 911".

----- Original Message -----
From: "Chris Brown" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2002 11:52 PM
Subject: Hack

> It appears even your reflections have been hacked. I have to escape my
> browser and reopen it to return. Better go look at;
> then think about the numerolgy of your video ie. 21, 22, 23. We should
> talk.
> Christopher A. Brown

A response!

Admin wrote:

Dear Chris -

Not seeing any problem with our main mirror site.
The others are kept up by other public.

If you are using an older version of Netscape you will probably see some

How are you arriving at the numerology of our video?
What method?

What are you seeing by this?

Michael Leon
Office of Public Affairs
>From The Wilderness Publications

REPLY 12/15/02 to 12/14/02 mess.

THX for the response. Yes I use v 4.7 of netscape and all I see is background. No source code either.

The numerology is pervasive in the video as it is in human society at this time in our evolution. It has at least two
sources in human society. One is the sub collectives the other are injected into the unconscious of individuals by
various spiritual factions. All evident numeracy is based in ancient sun worship and the video has a few two many
instances to originate by accident.

I've known that the historical information of our governments corruption is factual for a very long time. The new
stuff relating to the controlling structure of power is good to know. I noticed a lack of direction as to what the
public should or could do with the information. This has been the case with all expose with the exception of
"write/call your representatives. It is nice to see that suggestion missing. It does not work. As time passes it is
clear they are too fearful and obedient to the structure that pays them to work selflessly for the people.

I have some very good ideas on what to do with the info. Safe, practical actions that US citizens are fully entitled
to undertake that address the most fundamental aspects of the corruptions exposed. Basically the actions relate to
the final level of expose, or how the corruptions are enabled, protected and continued. What is the method that
perpetuates and empowers the evasive and persistent collusions? How does it work? If that is dealt with
adequately all it can do is cease.

Be advised that a tremendous deprivation of information regarding human unconscious communication potentials
make it impossible from the informational position occupied by literally all citizens to circumvent the dominance
that exists. I have exclusive information and I have it for very good reasons and the information I have supports
itself and my possession of it. Inversely the inability of those who claim expertise and wide authority in the areas of
information intrinsic to my knowledge, to accept authoritive evidence and its implications, support by the uniform
failure to use verified knowledge, my contentions.

Let's communicate further if this message is accepted with open minds.

THX again,
Christopher A. Brown

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