(21 & 23)

The secret societies know, unconsciously, that I have observed winter solstice sunrises and are compelled by the Native American spiritual interests to confirm our temporal alignment by providing me with tangible examples of their unconscious awareness.

More classic examples from my personal life indicating that the secret societies have been influenced to provide me with paper having the numbers 21, 22 & 23 on them.

One might say "Well you made the deposits and the withdrawal and so made it come out this way." If I did so it was unconscious and does not explain the first of this series where the District attorney liens my account for $22.22.

These people who are members of a secret society, secret from itself, are good people. They are simply disabled, mentally, from dealing with his situation. They were made so by an ancient compulsion of hypnotic induction that is imposed on children. This is the only way they can stop the cycle.



(perhaps the reason for the 33rd degree in Masonry)

I was given a car. The car ended up having a blown clutch. I gave it back. "Unfortunately?" (Maybe not. I really don't know because this is an amazing piece of paper. Perhaps worth having ruined credit.) I registered the vehicle in my name immediately making this whole process of violating 5204(A) California Vehicle Code possible shown in the document above and below.


Oops! forgot my seat belt, $22.00 fine, Driving 3 blocks from the coffee shop to the restaurant for breakfast.

The fine amount was determined wholly by those of the secret societies. I must pay the fine although the Federal (http://www.angelfire.com/ca5/nojustice/11189ord.html) government nor the State government will not make the County responsible for the missing court case files, our most important records a violation of law. Files that would make the knowledge demonstrated here in the Truthasaur "common knowledge". knowledge that would have protected many lives.


These two scraps, above and below, are typical in unconscious address selection and provided sample information. This was sent to me in 1998 following the filing of my civil action, (http://algoxy.com/missingknowledge/index.html), against the County of Santa Barbara for "failure to preserve records."



Of course the storage agreement said 14 days, which the manager acknowledged and said it didn't matter, 21 days would be the rule. The first item stored in the 5'x5' was a story pole for leveling in my survey occupation. It was most used at a maximum extension of 21.04 feet. The combination on the lock was 8811, a compilation of my children's birthdays year/months. I have not seen the pole since and have searched everywhere. As is demonstrated throughout, if you have power you do not have to be reasonable.


The total purchase was $22.96. I have 2 Toyotas, awesome vehicles. One I paid $60 for (Corolla) and the other (Corona) was given to me. Sun cars from the "Land of the Rising Sun." Very likely the best all around autos on the planet. The Japanese people are awesome people and we owe them a deep, very deep apology for W.W.II, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The war was an extension of the crusades, inquisitions, conquests etc. and United States citizens do not know it. Do you? When you do you will be Americans.


Not only do I sleep in 22's I also eat with them!

NOTE: The state tax of 7.75% makes this work. Wonder about the state!

If someone asks I'll tell them what 322 means.



of my daily 22.