(21 & 23)

The secret societies know, unconsciously, that I have observed winter solstice sunrises and are compelled by the Native American spiritual interests to confirm our temporal alignment by providing me with tangible examples of their unconscious awareness.

More classic examples from my personal life indicating that the secret societies have been influenced to provide me with paper having the numbers 21, 22 & 23 on them.


I went to Northern California and was given a car. It needed many repairs and one was another carburetor. Two months later I discover I'd saved this receipt # 21! The next day I went to pick up a clutch slave cylinder I had ordered. The wrong part was in the sealed box! The lady at the parts counter found a book of illustrations of slave cylinders. The proper part was illustration #22!. Later yet I replaced the brake master cylinder to find the aluminum sticker on the vacuum booster had the part number, #222!

After driving to Southern California I did some work operating a Kubota 4WD tractor. Looking at the air cleaner dust separator on the cowling of the tractor I saw it was part #23!


The civil action I filed against the County of Santa Barbara (effectively dismissed by abuse of authority) and a Native Medicine man was dismissed after the County denied two subpoena duces tecum. The judge said "Mr. Brown you have no evidence and witnesses." Of course he had allowed my witnesses to deny the subpoenas they had been served depriving me of witnesses and evidence. The defendants Attorney filed this Writ of Execution and lien to get money. Look at the date in the top right corner, 2/11 or 11! At the beginning of this series of pages is the lien of $22.22. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THIS BEING AN ACCIDENT?


Look in your own records to see if you have 22's 21's and 23's like this. With 30 days in a month there is a ten percent chance something significant will happen on the 21st, 22nd or 23rd. Zip codes don't count but double numbers in phone numbers seem to connect. When other sources of numerology coincide the odds go dramatically down that the


will be involved.