(21 & 23)

The secret societies know, unconsciously, that I have observed winter solstice sunrises and are compelled by the Native American spiritual interests to confirm our temporal alignment by providing me with tangible examples of their unconscious awareness.

More classic examples from my personal life indicating that the secret societies have been influenced to provide me with paper having the numbers 21, 22 & 23 on them.

I of course had to do something on the 23rd of the month to get the citation, but they gave the statute its number.


I believe Native Americans chose the day of the month for earth day but the environmental organization who produced the letter sent it out with the date on it.


I made the mistake of going to the Santa Barbara Mental Health Department to talk about the new memories I had since I was forced into being conscious of part of what "was" totally unconscious. I've since sued them for malpractice. The events leading to the suit and the suit itself as well as the appeal, transcripts refund below, are very revealing as to the inability of government and the courts to follow ANY law that might reveal the truth about the hypnotic influence that controls them. A full record can be seen at http://www.angelfire.com/ca5/nojustice/226736time.html.


The financial institutions are near the hub of economic power and so have the vulnerability to the Native American influence that easily exploits their desire to protect life even it means that they have to expose their secret affiliation with 22.



examples of the alignment in time with our star that is provided by others.