(21 & 23)

The secret societies know, unconsciously, that I have observed winter solstice sunrises and are compelled by the Native American spiritual interests to confirm our temporal alignment by providing me with tangible examples of their unconscious awareness.

One of the greatest indicators of my temporal alignment (and the precision potential of the biological clock) is the fact that since January of 1999 I have been looking at the few timepieces around me at;


I've awoken from a sound sleep a number of times in the last year to look at the clock, 22 minutes after the hour. I've asked others "What time is it?", "22 after" they say. Some days up to eight or ten times a day the clock reads 22 after some hour when I look at it. Upon leaving a location I'll glance at the clock in the car, 22 after the hour. I happen to have several calculators that have very precise clocks with speed adjustment features. Perhaps in the process of making my electronic clocks precise I've also set my own clock. Due to post hypnotic instruction to "look at the clock 22 minutes after the hour." I do just that.

Here are classic examples from my personal life provided by others that accent the numbers 21, 22 & 23.


This one is the best. There is no doubt the person who lent me the book, "Everything Is Under Control." by Robert Anton Wilson, acts on post hypnotic instruction (look at the books they bought!) The book is about secret societies and has a section on 21, 22, 23. Robert Anton Wilson IS a member of a secret society otherwise he would know WHY 21, 22 & 23 are so common in certain human activities and organizations.



Here is another.

(Actually the article on the right does not have a numerological tag. It is included to demonstrate how the power of the secret societies uses media to confuse my message by confusing my identity.)


The phone company mails my phone bill to me on the 22nd of the month.


My long distance bills have a 23 in them.


When I withdraw cash from the ATM it is 4:21 PM.



examples provided by others for me of the alignment in time with our star .