You have a strip of paper that says this on it.

NO VIOLENCE! Kids saving kids with truth. Judges won't do it, the F.B.I. won't do it, government won't do it, law enforcement won't do it, parents won't do it, KIDS WILL!


Judges can not even use the fact of the school shootings in court to understand why!



Not newspapers, not T.V., not radio, not magazines (that is all of the media).

Basically it is up to you. If you examine the information at

(you will have to copy and paste this url into your browser)

You will see that none of the entities mentioned on the strip of paper can deal with this threat to your safety in the schools. At some point, the government must acknowledge the truth in order to remain credible. They have already, research MKultra.

As you can see by looking at the sites at the urls on the index page of the Truthasaur, I have done a lot and none of it on face value has made ANY impact anywhere. As time passes however, I can see some responses from secret societies who are trying to do god things. That is why I went out and spread those slips of paper around. Young peoples lives are at stake, they, you, have a reason to want to know about the threat. If you are a young person in school you are probably wondering why all those kids around the Nation committed such EXTREME senseless violence. Realize 4 of those incidents happened on the 21st day of the month. Realize that the explanations the media distributes such as; television violence, computer games etc. just don't explain WHY.

Another thing NOBODY talks about in media is why boys were shooting girls. They don't talk about it because the theories they hold do not even get close to explaining it.

I'll explain it here. The subconscious holds both sexual drives and drives of aggression. Male sexuality can be drastically manipulated with hypnosis and social relations have everything to do with a males ability to find sexual gratification with females. If a males normal ability to relate socially is destroyed while his sexual desires are exploited to a degree of extreme frustration, extreme agression/self destruction are possible.

That is how much of the violence was caused although other types of violence were also caused by this unconscious form of hypnosis that is presented in the Truthasaur. This form of hypnosis must be used to benefit people or the default are abuses and violence.

Young women have three good reasons to want to know about what is presented here. 1.Safety in the schools. 2.In ten years you might be a mother. Protect your child from this unconscious influence. 3. Protect the future of the child you may have by seeing that this is happening because our society is destroying the natural world. Your children will depend on that world.

Who did it?

Ancient hypnotists is all that I will say here. Examine the Truthasaur to learn who did what, why. Also examine;

what is there is copy of my efforts, at nearly 70, 3 minute public comment periods at the Santa Barbara County Board of supervisors meetings, to get the Santa Barbara County Board of supervisors to follow laws that could have provided information to psychologists and law enforcement preventing the violence that has occurred. What is happening is about understanding. It is about unconditional love and protecting life. Not about blame. Remember most of all,


Here is historical evidence that these potentials for abuse of hypnosis are possible. A book called,

Human Behavior.

or dream state communications