The Source of the Force of ancient hypnosis,

Mitogenetic Radiation.

KEY SENTENCE TO FULLER MEANING: Mitogenetic radiation comprises morphogenetic fields as defaults while telepathy is an element of effect of unconsciously intentional eye contact or somnambulistic post hypnotic mental tansition.

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Some comments on Mitogenetic radiation.

All life radiates it and it permeates all matter. The author speculates that the smallest and most significant forms, logically have greater meanings because they still exist. The universe of life, mitogenetic information, gives to and protects the smaller forms making it abundant in certain places. Accordingly as we look to the smaller effects of life, we see the true controlling forces. Philosophically it might be said that the biological intent, expressed as a series of effective actions is life. Suggesting that the core equivlant of what mitogenetic radiation relates to in us is our intent, our unconscious intent.

Indigenous Shaman recognize "the Oneness" as a realm of intent.

The term intent is intended here to denote a singularity of purpose that is essential to a being and that beings can share intentions via mitogenetic radiations that resonate through our limbic system with largely unidentified operations of our bio chemical mind and its complex micro electrical functions with their control over our nervous functions.

Morphogenetic Fields

The mitogenetic radiation is the medium of the morphogenetic field. The combined intentions of a group of living things

Morphogenetic fields are basically non-physical blueprints that give birth to forms.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake

by Robert Gilman

A controversial theory of how memory works

William McDougall did experiments for 15 years in which rats learned to escape from a tank.

A practical example from history of animals sharing during dream states that has been removed from our knowledge base in a compulsive domination over the formative powers of this knowledge over human societies is the;

The Hundredth Monkey

Be sure, that if monkeys can dream together and share on a primordial level, the information of survival, humans can do it better.

NOTE: Human extinction could pivot upon our disability to organize unconsciously.

There are solid indications by interacting with Americans that some unconscious force, perhaps easily a collective aspect, considering how widespread it is, whether existing and natural or imposed, is preventing Americans from taking action to defend their constitution, stop the imposition of tyranny, and destruction of the environment.

Since 2012, extensive efforts on web forums to organize behind simple natural law, which is also constitutional intent related to the PURPOSE of free speech, has met with near total refusal to engage agreement and unity adequate to intervene in the infiltration and takeover of the US government.



The "Evil Eye"

a reference to a dark time of persecution in the conflict between organized religion and natural uses of unconsciosu communications skills in Indigenous societies.

CAUTION: The use of the word "evil" invokes connotations erroneous and damaging to understanding, however, it is the only reference commonly known with our history and the inherent religious control of it. It must be included here to emphasize the level of compulsion invoked from instinct exploited from somnambulistic states of subjects effected with memory control.

So alternatively .............. think of looking into the eyes of someone you love.

Here we shall define it as an intentional concentration and projection of mitogenetic radiation from the eye of one person, into the eye of another, this creates a trance state where telepathic elements of essential intent are exchanged, read or imposed. They can be instantly translated into feelings which might be described later.

Alan G. Hefner and Demetrius Drystellas
In folklore and the occult

"Today Italian men still hold their genitals to ward off the evil eye or any misfortune. One is apt to wonder is such an action is not only a legendary carry-over but also a psychological assurance and comfort."

"Also they were thought to be able to use the the evil eye to bewitch their convicting judges with it, and this was why they were made to walk backwards toward the judges."

It is very likely that this phenomena is more widespread than seen on fox 11 news or "good morning America", or at least when it is, it is never identified as such.

A Proposal:

That the term, "Evil Eye"above is an actual unconscious effect using mitogenetic energy to flow in proportionately huge quantities as it IS of the collective in a given area of intent, inducing an instant change of mental states upon a subject. Shamanism, sun worship and oral histories is what carries the cognitively utilized knowledge of survival. The Priests of the past indigenous peoples used the intentionally controlled projection of mitogenetic radiation to initiate telepathic states.

Our developed mammalian mind and its capacity for logic inspired with love, a temporarily enabling joining of generations, acting in contentious concert conjunctly with our reptilian minds helplessness to fear; phylogentically, keeps us focused on survival as a group. This page is about facilitating through cognitive definition and recognition of these factors and bringing people together with its knowledge in healing our species.

A person projecting the mitogenetic energy assumes a dominate psychological role if the person receiving the mitogenetic energy is conditioned and experienced at its reception. Shaman, Medicine Men, Witch Doctors, Witches, light and dark, Priests, Truthsayers, all utilize these methods of projection at times, we all do. It is natural. The memories and effects of it are exclusively unconscious unless special treatment effects delivery of the information to the conscius mind. It has been termed, "Telepathic Hypnosis".

Hypnosis, Nuero Linguistic Programming and Somnambulism.

In the past, groups held power over the knowledge of controlling memory; keeping oral histories through somnambulism, by teaching the unconscious directly with knowledge of behavior and human nature that made people work together; simply to have material power over others, using them without their knowledge, enslaving them unconsciously.

By taking the knowlege of hypnosis and using it prolifically as a cultural tool, as it was at one time in some cultures of the past, in the teaching of our selves all that we need to know to excel in survival through cooperation. We can learn again about an unconscious freedom fully aware of itself through our concscious acceptance of the existence of our unconscious as it controls us and relates to the collective we immerse ourselves with each nights sleep.