Could there be a DNA link between us and primordial insect DNA to our behaviors and survival then evolution?

Sibling Extinctions

I only write this page because behaviors increasingly do not make sense. They can be interpreted as leading to our extinction. What is the source of these behaviors? This page and the page it is linked from are a direct effort to gain some awareness that all of our most serious problems on this planet come from behaviors. Indeed, human extinction would be due to such things. This is a highly speculative and philosophically based page that respects biology absolutely.

The notion of the title of this page is steeped in some simple logic.

Consider we could have genetic siblings in the past and the future. In the future, they may have gone extinct if they continued doing what we are doing now. We share some of their genes and that puts our unconscious existences in potential linkage according to the doctrines theorized like morphogenetic fields, and for that matter, the Akashic record of Vedic origin. An explanation for the 9-11 numbers in the context they had in a few instances, establishing certain relativity, could be that human beings in the future are trying to dream back a warning in the hopes of moving away from actions which lead to their extinction.

Phylogenetic DNA controls behavior or determines much of decision making. IF we are at least 86% unconscious, 24/7 through our lives, with 33% of that being completely unconscious, while we sleep, THEN the unknowns of the unconscious state must concern us WHEN behaviors are based largely in unconscious impulse. Just because behaviors also have a conscious element, does not mean they conscious, they have unconscious origins in most ways. The conscious can be used by the unconscious to create semi logical excuses for behaviors.

If there is a collective unconscious as Freud and Jung indicated, then any human unconscious would logically have a connection. Our genetic history is derived from partly unknown origins and there is no real reason to rule out insects. What happened to the genes in us that we share with our sibling species in the future, which may be going extinct? Logically, those genes are still within us and have some degree of influence upon our behaviors. Accordingly, behaviors, decisions being made that would not adversely effect insects, but will redirect our evolutionary paths need to be evaluated carefully to see which sibling geneset is benefited by the result. Perhaps with a default control, we can choose one or the other because we are aware.