Judges can not even use the fact of the school shootings in court to understand why!

 NO MEDIA WILL DO THE STORY! No official agency will address the truth.

Not. Judges, the F.B.I., government, law enforcement, parents, newspapers, not T.V., not radio, not magazines (that is all the official entities and media).

It is up to you.

We just had the largest mass murder in history. A school Shooting, thirty three killed at

Virginia Tech.

NOTE: The below was mostly written on December 16, 2003. It was originally authored in 2.002. It has been lightly revised to widen to include the age group that the young people killed in school shootings now has. Actually the Montreal shooting raised that age some, but with the Virginia Tech shootings it needed the revision to be applicable.

You will see that none of these entities; Judges, the F.B.I., government, law enforcement, parents, Those who are truly invested in the future WILL, and can deal with this threat to safety in the schools. At some point, the government must acknowledge the truth in order to remain credible. They have already,( research MKultra) except is was to hide the truth it appears. And our government has lost credibility, so these words may mean something.

As you can see by looking at the sites at the urls on the index page of the Truthasaur, I have done a lot and none of it on face value has made ANY impact anywhere. As time passes however, I can see some responses from secret societies who are trying to do good things. Young peoples lives are at stake, they, you, have a reason to want to know about the threat. If you are a young person in school you are probably wondering why all those kids around the Nation committed such EXTREME senseless violence. Realize 4 of those incidents happened on the 21st day of the month. Realize that the explanations the media distributes such as; television violence, computer games etc. just don't explain WHY.

Another thing NOBODY talks about in media is why boys were shooting girls. They don't talk about it because the theories they hold do not even get close to explaining it.

I'll explain it here. The subconscious holds both sexual drives and drives of aggression. Male sexuality can be drastically manipulated with hypnosis and social relations have everything to do with a males ability to find sexual gratification with females. If a males normal ability to relate socially is destroyed while his sexual desires are exploited to a degree of extreme frustration, extreme agression/self destruction are possible.

That is how much of the violence was caused although other types of violence were also caused by this unconscious form of hypnosis that is presented in the Truthasaur. This form of hypnosis must be used to benefit people or the default are abuses and violence.

Young women have three good reasons to want to know about what is presented here. 1. Safety in the schools. 2. In ten years you might be a mother. Protect your child from this unconscious influence. 3. Protect the future of the child you may have by seeing that this is happening because our society is destroying the natural world. Your children will depend on that world.

Who did it?

Ancient hypnotists is all that I will say here. Examine the Truthasaur to learn more.

That was then, it has become clear that the ancient dark forces need to be more completely identified as to what they are trying to do by compelling young people to kill each other in the schools.

There is a term, it is, "The Quickening" Nobody really knows what it means or what it is. The first one may have been about 3,000 BC where one side of a spiritual battle tries to hide the effects of unconscious communications with extreme violence and death and the other tries to make it a willed and aware aspect of human society. Every 1,000 years the unconscious Pagans are programmed with their various oral histories, racial histories, to create and event to make people aware of the unconscious existence. So the deadly events which have plagued schools such as virginia tech, columbine, Conyers Georgia, Pomona, California, Jonesboro, Arkansas; will not end until psychology begins to assimilate the truth about our unconscious minds.


Of those Pagans trying to make that knowledge of the unconscious an aspect of human society, there are light and dark forces. As, ......... we can be sure exist amongst those trying to make the knowledge of our unconscious existence secret. However, secrets, promoting unknowingness ARE promoting the dark, in the light we see, in the dark we do not. So unknowingness can never be promoted and have the light preserved. Through unknowingness is darkness. Through knowingness is light.

I've just said that a people really have to KNOW to be in the light, or good. Eventually the unknowingness WILL overtake you and your animal mind will get the better of you and hide your true motive long enough to get you doing something very dark.

Q. What protects from darkness many ask. A. Knowing love, because love protects ultimately. In other words; any scary, dangerous, uncomfortable or difficult knowledge you might find in the entire universe, can be dealt with emotionally and spiritually with love.

So as we embark on trying to rediscover our lost knowledge of our unconscious existence, we have the ultimate defense from any thing which might exist there that could possibly harm us.

The Truthasaur is about the surfacing of repressed knowledge within humanities conscious existence, held under with fear generated by the crusades. The crusades were a reaction by the Church against another opposing religion of Paganism. Books were burned, people too, and now we don't know what Paganism really is. We don't even want to know.

Remember this.

If you fear the truth, those who might call themselves enemies can use it to harm you.


What you do not acknowledge and are not aware of can be used to hurt you and you will not know why you are hurting.

When people do not want what they need, they suffer.

By inference are you beginning to see the hiding of knowledge and how the Quickening is now working with darkness to compel you to know. There was a time when simply acknowledging something good created by the forces of light with knowledge of the unconscious would have stopped all of this, but, ......... we have been made very afraid of knowing and now bad forces work to make us know. The dark ones know that we cannot protect nature with our existence unless we work with OUR nature. Pollution, conservation, lifestyle adaptation and sustainability are exactly what it is about. Controlling want and desires and placing the needs of all life first.

There is the official side of the Quickening in 9-11, so add some real big reason to KNOW. Please, try and understand the larger picture.

There is only one way to stop all this violence. Begin to know that we, each of us, and all of us have an unconscious existence. Know that there are ancient ways to communicate directly to peoples unconscious, which is why the Truthasaur is about hypnosis. Know that when this is done with a child they become nearly completely controlled in some very deep ways, obviously.

Detection, Treatment and Recovery

There is a method for treating the unconscious mind directly which is adequate for interacting in the unconscious realm, yes realm. Since, for example, when you sleep you do not know what you are doing with your mind, then you cannot say that your mind is under your control.

Detection is a matter of publicity. People really do not want to do these things but they find no options. So stopping the violence is really about providing options for mental health care that really work. The truthasaur is about the proper and robust uses of psychology and exposing the secret serving business psychology is today.

From the below link is found documentation of the authors efforts to create an experimental treatment which can address many behavioral problems.

Treat the Unconscious Mind Directly

Once this treatment is developed and those treated give their testimony, and the effects are seen, those afflicted in any way, will seek help. The end of this violence can be seen. Without this, it just goes on and gets worse until we are all victims to it in some way.


The below sites have mention of the Columbine shooting as well as others. The relationship of subject matter at the links will also relate generally to the Virginia Tech. School

This is part of the history of my efforts to create a method to stop the extreme, seemingly senseless violence include many references to Columbine.


Here is a link to a site with many of my legal actions trying to get the courts, law enforcement and other officials to take action to stop the violence. (copy and paste this one).

You would think with all the information I've put out there and all the things happening plus the efforts of many people to bring an understanding of why the killers at schools are doing what they do, that an understanding would form. There is a reason it does not.



There is solid research and documentation of the potentials for hypnosis in the older psychology before the American Psychological Association took over.

Here is historical evidence that these potentials for abuse of hypnosis are possible. A book called,

Human Behavior.

Another possible aspect is dream state communications which could be generally organizing us.