The Masonic Order was infiltrated UNCONSCIOUSLY thousands of years ago.  That Infiltration had an agenda of corrupting the high ideals of the Ancient Druids and Greek origins of the Order.  The CMC shows a conscious effort to protect the Order and the society it is of, from the infiltration.  In 2005 the CMC was revised to remove that effort!

This page is about creating an understanding of todays Masons and preventing unreasonable persecution of them.  Soe are very good people that do no harm even unconsciously, they will support this silently, because of their oath; it, we, protects them and the reputation of the Order.  By the public knowing hese fact, others who might unconsciously act to support concealment of murder and treason, will find reason to STOP!

Masons by no means are inherently evil or anything like that.  They, like all human beings are controlled by their unconscious mind. Working with the unconsciius mind is compulsive to Masonic families. It is also invisible hence the need for our need to socially recognize facts.  Science of psychology refuses to examine this feature of our mental existence.  This, is because the Church controls academia and the Church considers the unconscious mind heretical. How convienent, making circularity with the dark side of the Church.  Through Ronald Reagan in 1983, the Masons and the Church ended their opposition.  The Church had betrayed the Templars, their elite warriors by burning them at the stake in France in 1305.  Since that time the Templars have become even more secretive than they were.  Other orders suffer a similar fate.  Not a good thing for them or us as they loose track of what they are doing.

That secrecy is not just in society, it is within their order from themselves!  This is the nature of unconscious communications.  Such a fact is why Indigenous American people mandated spiritually that societal awareness of the unconscious be a necessity for continuity.  There are some very dark and dangerous instincts that human beings harbor deep in their unconscious existence and making society aware of the fact disables the invisible power.  The Indigenous Americans made those unconscious potentials obvious, with a form of social honor that manifest through theatre.  The Greeks may have had a similar outlet for such instinctual darkness.  In that environment, the instincts can find the expressions of existence they require manifesting in a form of fulfillment that IS NOT destructive to society.

We have a very serious problem that is actually greater than that of terrorism, responsible for terrorism. Perhaps even greater than pollution or depletion of resources. It can even extend to the out of control populations of our planet. Most Americans are afraid/unwilling to discuss the implications of the occult relationship of those who control our government.

Even if the behaviors cannot be explained any other way.

(A link to examples in our world today of efforts to get, judges, scientists, doctors, psychologists, corporations and others to observe and intervene in this destruction of our societies and world)

Others have been trying to inform the public since 1995! The American public is terrified at the prospect and dissociates or forgets all the impacts and the potentials for disaster. It appears that nothing, no loss is great enough to compel us to accept this knowledge of the unconscious mind.

Since MKultra, our intelligence agencies have been infiltrated, taken over by unconscious manipulation by perhaps several ancient factions exploiting the position or power of crusaders in ways having nothing to do with the conscious religious aspects behind the crusades.


& the W.T.C. and 9/11 


(Hall and elevator doors WTC Twins)

They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship based in 22. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.

This ancient guild of spiritual builders has migrated to many parts of the world. All nations of Earth now have Masonic lodges and uncontrolled compulsions of the unconscious mind rule. In many cases the understanding of unconditional love has those linked to Masonry doing good. They want to know again what they are doing, help them to help us stop the Armageddon process and preserve the beauty of life on Earth.

To increase the sentience, LOVE is presented to the people of the secret societies and all others as an evolutionary motive that is superior in its sacredness to fear. Fear is made irrational in the light of clinically oriented language based in simplicity devoted to psychological understandings. What is addressed here in the Truthasaur is an infinitely subtle form of hypnosis and the enhanced natural psychological tendency to repress or dissociate hypnotic contact with the primordial mind.

Reason becomes my gift in return for the gifts born of courage and love as the secret ones reluctantly reveal their ancient orientations in the unconscious realm. Compelled by the mastery of natural knowledge unconsciously used by Native Medicine people, "they know not what they do". Obsessions fundamental to the functions of our instinctual essence the "biological clock", or the importance/dominance by it of the mind are exploited, naturally in this modern demonstration.