The Creator uses Aliens, Crusaders, and Indians to do work on earth(?)

Cowboys & Aliens

The film, "Cowboys and Aliens" is not science fiction, it is science fantasy and storytelling with some simple but perhaps profound messages.

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Jake, no memory, with bracelet, photo and wound on side wakes up in the desert. For reference keep in mind that Avatar also had a "Jake" in the lead role.

Ella has knowledge at some unconscious level, later she is wounded on the side near the same place where Jake was and dies. Chiracahua cremate her and she does a phoenix then becomes her unconscious role fully cognizant of another reality where she opposes the aliens and knows Jakes role in that.

The pre 9-11 appearances of sun worship numerology in films indicate, generally that popular film can be a medium of message from knowing, but unkown sources for story telling. Archtypes portrayed in film, can assume a virtual avatar role, creating context for a logical vehicle of information. Consider Jake and Ella as both avatars but she, and only she, knows it after being reborn. This makes room for Jake dying, being reborn and fighting with the consciousness of the benevolent aliens for many sequels. There could be an implied message that despite the fact, in the film, that humans can reincarnate, aliens still have the upperhand on technology and humans only seem to be hampered by their reptilian instincts and inability to work together. An empowering film in that respect because it portrays Indigenous Americans and colonists working together against a common non-human enemy.

The Chiracahua treatment of Jake gives vision of woman in picture turning to dust in alien ship where he is wounded on his right side by the alien beginning of vivisection, present time in ritual, recall of his capture, then theft of the bracelet and escape in past, but not how he ended up in the desert.
To remove the bracelet Ella tells Jake he has to stop thinking, he cannot. She kisses him and the bracelet falls off which she uses to destroy the alien ship.


The aliens and the gold are an old Native American legend. Many oral histories of Indigenous Americans have record of "star people" or "star nations". The "Palladin" series of movies, "Have Gun Will Travel" mentioned the Native superstition against valuing gold. Relating to that in the story, Jake was used in a larger scenario that tested him to see if love was enough, or whether power was also something he thought he needed. In that, is the legend where the aliens unconsciously manipulate the people into wanting and hoarding gold so the aliens can take it.

The alien ship with its underground aspect appear as a parallel to the aliens influence on the deep unconscious impelling the dissociation of the people, empowering uses of them to accumulate gold fitting into the insect mandate imposed on the collective unconscious of the people in the story, and perhaps in realty. Judging by behaviors.

The parallel of Dollarhydes strategy, "Draw them out in the open" is analogous to human beings making alliance to consciously expose the alien unconscious programming of the human society exploiting hidden insectoid (the aliens of the film) and reptilian (intentions of bank robbers) genes of human DNA.

The interaction between Whites and the Chief of the Chiracahua symbolize a difficult threshold of respect by the Native for the heretical crusader warriors that took their land, greatly used, as in Jakes case, before, for gold robbery, for warfare in Dollarhydes, but finally, due to the threat of the unknown, must accept and ally with the Natives.

Jakes bracelet was a bond to performance with a new awareness of the value of love. "Love without action is cowardice", another old Native American saying. It was a bond he stole from the aliens after losing the woman he loved in the spiritual test of him, then gave it to another woman who stopped him from thinking to release its hold on his conscious mind via the invisible unconscious, 86% of each human, where aliens wield the power of the human dissociation making the human race vulnerable to de-evolution. Warfare, destruction, toxification of environment, atmosphere etc before developing planetary outreach condemning the species to mutational regression for a period. Logical because insects can adapt to toxic conditions easily. Countering that advantage there is a successful demonstration of, "Think about love, then live" an old Indigenous American saying, when Ella kisses Jake and the bracelet falls off, which she uses to destroy the alien ship. However, traditionally, even evolutionarily, it would be unconditional love not romantic love.

For love, the benevolent alien, unseen except as a director for the positive characters, using Jake, causing his unconscious to be distracted from the alien bracelets hold, making it available to be used as a weapon, in Ellas hands, against the insectoid spaceship.

The story telling perspective gains its value in the separation from the poignant irony found in Ella's vanquishing the alien ship, but passing on after that, leaving Jake following his altruistic efforts, against aliens, on behalf of humanity as an unknowing avatar, alone . . . until(?) 

Our Evolving Collective Unconscious and Genetic Origins