Could there be a DNA link between us and primordial insect DNA to our behaviors?

Is Colonization, Hival Behavior and Gold Worship, or Insect Intelligence Acting In Our Collective Unconscious?

This page connects prescient (perceiving the significance of events before they occur; ") statements found in films.

Jung and Freud asserted that there was an unconscious source lurking within what might be referred to as "right brain" mental activity. Logically we know that twenty four hours a day, from birth to death our unconscious is continuous. For two thirds of that 14% of the total capacity reverts to what we call our conscious, waking or cognitive state. It is interrupted every 18 hours by completely unconscious periods, sleep. The site,  Lost Psyche has a compilation written by Colin Wilson who reveals amazing two brain performance derived from medical and psychological experiments. "Our Two Brains", is where he extends that into parapsychology.

An inference that Wilson does not make (but could have) is that speech and listening always have some cognitive activity whereas reading and writing might be done without it.

As We Evolve In Two Ways, Physically and Mentally

The tangle of DNA that is within our genetic structure is vast and convoluted. In the US, political behaviors are also convoluted and societal direction non sensical or anti thematic under the US constitution, wild conjecture, with reasonable basis, this page is therefore justified, just to bring some possible, "farseeing" explanation.

Huge problems extending to war and environmental destruction hastening our evolution or extinction, to be placed in perspective, are perhaps dependent on understanding the origins of behaviors more completely. We should consider that genes within determining decisions and behaviors might direct our evolution or extinction and can be viewed in the largest picture through, "Sibling Extinctions". Therein is the logic for the notion that small scraps of conceptual substance are often embedded within artistic creation but also are a part of a perceivable whole comprised of the work of others in a scenario of the collective unconscious. Perhaps moreso with matching intent. An examination of images on this page and the appearance of 9-11 years before 9-11 is something that should be appreciated. Coup released this album cover in the weeks before 9-11. The flame elevation and east face of WTC 2 are profoundly accurate.

There are Muslim associations with band members. Consider that a true vision of warning from the collective unconscious of human beings, through Muslim people was the intent, rather than any destruction of the terrorism itself.

The Simpsons cartoon, 9th season 1st episode, broadcast about 6 months prior to 9-11.


Avatar (list of 9-11 movies) has aspects of prescient potential that is extensive. Avatar also has a very strong environmental, spiritual statement. Not the least of which is the competition between machine technology and natural systems. One missing from the list shows a focus on diminishing the value of absolutes to humanity in a film called "Faceoff". By using absolutes, human beings find functional agreement and unity.

Absolutes were also an issue in the final Star Wars films, in Revenge of the Sith"; Obi-Wan Kenobi: [realizing that Anakin is consumed by evil and there's no reasoning with him anymore] Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
[draws his lightsaber] .

What we see in these films is an effort to create sentiment against the uses of absolutes in reasoning. Misinformation and cognitive infiltration are constantly working to defeat absolutes of human survival in politics and environment. Cognitive distortions help in converting absolutes to nonsense in social structures after 30 years of corporate television created by semiotics, colluding with manufacturers and advertisers to change peoples thinking.

The degradation of environmental is an absolute with controls evolution if our species survival is to continue.

Think of such messages from our collective unconscious as the product of authors, film makers producer, directors or others that have fictionalized the unconscious reality, or small segments of it to make it acceptable to major audiences. Their empowerment to reach major audiences may fit into the context of that page link above. What is selected here and presented as perspective as perhaps originating from our collective unconscious might help focus thinking towards the most functional behaviors.

The theory being that time doesn't matter much, as long as things are well related in the realm of intention, is something that easily applies to the unconscious, because time doesn't matter to it like it does to the conscious. Also our reactions to things as a group, through the collective unconscious can, decide the epigenetic directions of our evolution. See below.

The most common reference we find to primordial origins of behaviors are to reptilian instincts controlling people at times. What seems forgotten is the insect, another cold blooded life form. Our behaviors of "colonization" infer an insect activity.  The insensitivity towards human suffering the empire causes, all coming from one distinct place, Rome, indicate possible manifestations of our turning towards insect origins rather than continuing purely with the mammalian human behaviors and more independent, freer society.

This page is linked from the Cowboys & Aliens page for a reason. The gold issue of the insect potential is shown by association in another movie, "Dune" by Frank Herbert, at the bottom of the page along with the uses of gold in microprocessors.

Consider, human oral histories are kept within the human mind. In a parallel universe hypothetically pose a question, what being would result "if the insect developed to a humanoid level but lived in hives and kept all of the species information in solid state gold based storage devices?

Within this there needs to be an assumption. The assumption is that the events of our mind while sleeping, are not entirely impelled by us. Or, deeper primordial instincts than will register to cognition can be invoked and in that area, insect origins, if such are critical to memory, could play a significant role there. In that unconscious area, dominated by insect genes might direction of the structuring by our unconscious, of our conscious paradigm each day, for most of us could occur moving our development with epigenetics towards the insect behaviors.

Below we see an elderly Asian woman with a horn. This is not to infer humans are physically going this way anytime soon. In genetics it was originally called a "throwback". What I will infer here is that IF a structure like this can exhibit physically THEN the mental, unconscious aspects will follow to a substantial degree while being largely invisible.

Another. These are termed "hair structures", but appear more insect like in shape than mammalian horns. History has many examples which substantiate the phenomena.

Epigenetics can be controlled by mental states induced by environment, largely registering in our long term memory as an unconscious event. Within mammalian potentials shown with the Hundredth Monkey, basically dreamstate sharing, the presence of increasing insect DNA response within the unconscious of individuals could be come apart of the community given time and conditions of environment.

We are addressing the potentials for unconscious control over artistic mediums of film and literature that may have forms of messages related to the collective unconscious. There is need to seek consistency in a past, present and future perspective to provide substance justifying further investment in understanding our destructive behaviors.

Consider films like the matrix, in the realm of bringing a message mostly assimilated by the modern culture as relating to humans merging with a form of digital technology. It was 1999, before 9/11. Suggested here is that Matrix was a map of tests and their inherent qualities that we would be confronted with in our future, 2 years later with 9-11.


What follows are some various writings upon the meanings of the film,


Consider the symbology of

"The Red Pill"

is the truth about HOW the secrecy of 9-11 was created. Society didn't take that pill.

Neos passport expires on Sept. 11, 2001 (bottom right in the image)

Mohammad Attas drivers license expires on Sept. 11, 2001 (bottom right in the image)

The term red pill and its opposite, blue pill, are pop culture terms that have become a common symbol for the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).

The terms were popularized in science fiction culture via the 1999 film The Matrix. In the movie, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill, with the red pill leading to his "escape" from the Matrix, a fictional computer-generated world, while the blue pill would allow him to remain in the world with no knowledge that anything is wrong.

Neo chooses the red pill and is illuminated as to the true nature of the Matrix; a detailed simulation of Earth circa 1999, which keeps the inhabitants, whose physical bodies are stored in massive power plants, complacent in a mental prison, in order to convert their heat and bioelectrical energy into power for machine consumption.

An essay written by Russell Blackford discusses the red and blue pills, questioning whether if a person were fully informed they would take the red pill, opting for the real world, believing that choosing physical reality over a digital simulation is not clear-cut.
The book The Art of the Start, author Guy Kawasaki uses the red pill as an analogue to leaders of new organizations, in that they face the same choice to either live in reality or fantasy. He adds that if they want to be successful, they have to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The Blue Pill

Below we have the imagery of a current advertising campaign. On the right is a man with a number of corrugated flexible plastic tubes making him appear as a spider. On the left is a man in a trance, somnambulistic, perhaps showing fascination. The degree of promotion for this Vegas stage show seems disproportionate to the artistic level and way overselling a "blunt instrument trauma" type of sensation. Not logical.

Blue blood = copper based blood. What animals have blood based on copper compounds?

Horseshoe crabs. And some other crabs, lobsters, insects, and a few other arthropods.  Human beings have blue blood that oxidizes upon contact with the air to red.

Below might be the hypnotist, as compared to the hypnotized above.

Below is an image from a current video of a current political protest, "Occupy", "Blue Crew" is the identity chosen.

Occupy stands for, "human needs over corporate greed", but has no strategy to gain authority to see demands met. Cognitive practices seem limited to the ambiguous product of "General Assembly".

At the bottom, left of center in the image below there is a symbol reminiscent of a bee hive and the words "Social Hive" next to it. Corporatism has a branch that is moving towards making physical associations with higher density while also working for population control and acting trying to pre preemptively prevent atmosphere gas imbalance of Co2 from population growth. Maybe they know something.

In control over the planet of humans are their physical needs, will those needs be met by humans in more organic fashions, or will they be met with predominance of artificial intelligence? A question explored by author Frank Herbert with his series,

Dune -1984.

Sister Jessica could effect the "weirding" without the weirding module needed by Fremen soldiers in the film. The "weirding" appeared, in the film, to be a form of telepathic induction of deep trance states.

Technology of the Dune universe
An event in the back-story of Herbert's universe, leads to the outlawing of certain technologies, primarily "thinking machines", a collective term for computers and artificial intelligence of any kind. This prohibition is a key influence on the nature of Herbert's fictional setting. In Dune, ten thousand years after this jihad, its enduring commandment remains:

The original series
recalls how his Bene Gesserit mother Lady Janet had said that "No one outside of [the Tleilaxu] planets has ever reported seeing a Tleilaxu female." Wondering whether the Tleilaxu breed or simply rely on the tanks to reproduce, Miles had asked, "Do they exist or is it just the tanks?" Janet confirmed that females do indeed exist. Later in Heretics, Teg's own daughter, Reverend Mother Darwi Odrade, theorizes that the axlotl tanks may be, in fact, "surrogate mothers" Tleilaxu females somehow transformed. Soon, the current Duncan ghola recalls his repeated "births" from the tanks:

Above, could describe the beginning of a an insect "queen mother" performance.

Legends of Dune
Over 11,000 years before the events of Frank Herbert's Dune (1965), a group of 20 ambitious humans see the stagnation of the Old Empire and realize that their small band can take control of it with the aid of thinking machines. Calling themselves the Titans, they rule humanity for a hundred years

the League initiates the Butlerian Jihad, mankind's century-long crusade against the machines. The humans are ultimately victorious, destroying Omnius, the Titans, the neo-cymeks and all thinking machine forces. With all thinking machine technology henceforth banned, new organizations arise, composed of humans who had developed specialized skills during the Jihad to replace and exceed technology, including the Spacing Guild, Mentats, and the Bene Gesserit.

The intel microprocessor has now dominated all web development because of a machine configuration the US district court assured would be the dominant by collusively supporting microsoft, a PC based software producer after subsidizing the PC manufacturers in general.

The general inference here is that IF humanity resides with that technology selected by the court, THEN it's systems are not of the peoples physical association while the amount of gold humanity is using with its "thinking machines" is limited. The devices are more vulnerable to operating system failure/interference..

PC's, intel, running windows etc., as intellectual tools, "Thinking machines", operating systems consist only of the software running on the hard drive vs apple where the user environment operating system is comprised of ROM and EPROMs or hardware and firmware using more gold. The PC devices are more open to autonomous, central control. Such could be seen as tending towards hival mentality similar to insect colonies. When the PC user suffers an operating system failure they often have "irretrievable memory loss". This could be interpreted as an effect of artificial intelligence equivalent to human dissociation which is in control of the unconscious mind.

Our human minds reset to the default historical waking state performance each day under the control of the unconscious and patterns that are stored there. This, is a physiological, medical, psychological fact. Ignoring this cannot be termed competent for human society.


Clearly, we need to be able to recognize and work with the unconscious to perhaps control aspects of our world and evolution.

Materials used in Microprocessors
Microprocessors are made from silicon, aluminum, copper, gold and other metals.

The final level of behavior. Evolution or extinction?

Sibling Extinctions

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