The Creator uses aliens to do work on earth.


On the largest possible scale I have my own concept of what is going on and it includes Aliens or Extraterrestrial beings. My perception of this for over 30 years has been fixed. Here it is.

There is a hierarchy of life in the universe just as on earth. In the universe god is the most evolved. God has no physical manifestation. God existed after the spirit of the first physical being was able to coherently exist without a physical manifestation within other life that did exist physically. From that point on the next life form down was the next being that once evolved, would be able to exist without a body, or become a part God.

In the beginning God was not sure God just happened. To be sure God did just happen, God decided to recreate its past to ascertain that it just happened. This was necessary because the earliest evaluations no longer had ANY physical remnant to investigate. In order to know for certain, God needed to reenact its past to determine if survival was possible, repeatable WITHOUT intervention of a yet higher power. After a number of reenactments God became certain that it did just happen and that there was no greater, older, original force in the universe other than itself.

Meanwhile God had become fascinated with watching itself, in its earlier physical manifestations, evolve. A hierarchy had developed. God loved all of the lower beings it had been working with to prove its own existence as what it thought it actually was.

Many of the higher beings below God loved those below them too and understood God well enough to say to God. "Let us help you to become more efficient and certain with your process of determination that may never end. One day we will be you, we will ascend, and so now we understand how much joy you get from empowering our existence's."

God said, "Okay, since you care about this life like I do, I know some of my potent knowledge will be safe for you to use, so I will give you as much as I can to assist you as you help me to evolve life in this universe."

At this point powerful aliens beings were enabled to use some of Gods most potent knowledge to conduct great creations on Gods behalf in many areas of the universe. God provided nearly infinite genetic material from its own past. DNA from the thousands of worlds it inhabited on its protracted natural evolution alone in an as yet godless universe. The developed beings were guided by God to areas of the universe where stars had been created that would resemble those of Gods own past and be hospitable to the genes God had provided. God defined a criteria for an equitable sequence and process of evolution that matched its own. The timetable was adjustable, shortened as much as possible so that more life that loved life like God loved life would evolve and be asimilated faster into God as life ascended.

What does this mean?

Our planet was seeded by Aliens, Extraterrestrials. They are benevolent. They are evolving us, testing us always to determine if we are ready for the next step. Huge pieces of time are worked with by them. Many major changes in the geology of our planet have taken place in this process. Entire civilzations have come and gone. The first major civilization was Lemuria, then India, then Atlantis during a particuarly important introduction of knowledge and genes in the process between the phases. Induced evolution.

What is the present test?

Are we ready to know God as God really exists within us through our collective unconscious spirit?

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