They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this site is not about blame, it is about understanding.




To increase the sentience, LOVE is presented to the people of the secret societies and all others as an evolutionary motive that is superior in its sacredness to fear. Fear is made irrational in the light of clinically oriented language based in simplicity devoted to psychological understandings. What is addressed here in the Truthasaur is an infinitely subtle form of hypnosis and the enhanced natural psychological tendency to repress or dissociate hypnotic contact with the primordial mind.

Reason becomes my gift in return for the gifts born of courage and love as the secret ones reluctantly reveal their ancient orientations in the unconscious realm. Compelled by the mastery of natural knowledge unconsciously used by Native Medicine people, "they know not what they do". Obsessions fundamental to the functions of our instinctual essence the "biological clock", or circadian rhythm, or the importance/dominance by it of the mind are exploited with somnambulism, naturally in this modern demonstration.


Our sexuality is an unconscious function of our mind and a woman's biological purpose in life is intimately linked to her sexuality.


Ancient sun worshipers watched the Winter Solstice sunrise by blocking out the body of the sun to view the CORONA!


This woman had been convicted of drunk driving in Santa Barbara California, driving the wrong way on HWY 101. She was a notable actress, "Smokey and the Bandit" was one of a number listed. She could not face trial.


I spoke to this mans daughter. I explained that the date made it certain that her father was involved in the conspiracy to force an official understanding. It was more than they could handle to become politically active. The man is innocent but our courts cannot deal with the truth that says a child has had its mind manipulated with hypnosis. This has happened many times as well as children actually being molested because of the unconscious contact of ancient hypnotists. The attorney underlined had represented a man that was attempting to use the courts to make sewer outfalls accountable for pollution in violation of the "Clean Water Act. The attorney allowed a critical phase of the litigation to elapse creating a default judgment. The man was never able to recover the lawsuit from the early default and gave up. Sewer outfalls still violate congressional mandate every day, our Oceans suffer..


This article was in our local weekly paper, The Independent. The appearance of this article on this date indicates they have a role. The State seems to know that California law enforcement is going to be busy.

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