The secret societies hold the material wealth. When the profit is threatened maneuvers are justified. They may not make sense but actions are taken. This is a perfect example of nonsensical action. The state of California must generate a half a million tons of pollution a day from vehicles per day. The secret society uses the people it controls in government to create regulations for gas cans! The news paper demonstrates its alliance with the secret society by publishing the story on the 23rd day of the month. The Autumnal equinox.

The congressional mandates of the clean water act and air act are ignored for 16 years and auto manufacturers continue to build gas guzzlers so the oil companies can continue to sell mass imported oil. Quick! Regulate the gas cans.

The EPA has not yet admitted that the MTBE added to gasoline is causing widespread pollution from unburned particulate. Our water is chemically changed from the MTBE that causes the particulate to NOT blend with the airborne moisture. The particulate used to be dispersed with the moisture and eventually fall to earth. Now each night when the particulate cools it falls onto the landscape concentrating over time. With the first rain it washes into the aquifers and water ways .
!!Quick! Regulate the gas cans!!

An awareness adequate to stop this destruction to our


was created in 1988.

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