They are prolific within human organizations and relate to the basic Masonic symbol, opposing angles or triangles and the numerology of sun worship. The complexity and integrity of the racial histories held unconsciously by the secret societies deserve respect and understanding for their uses of the human mind towards greater sentience. None are aware of the unconscious interaction so this is site not about blame, it is about understanding.




To increase the sentience, LOVE is presented to the people of the secret societies and all others as an evolutionary motive that is superior in its sacredness to fear. Fear is made irrational in the light of clinically oriented language based in simplicity devoted to psychological understandings. What is addressed here in the Truthasaur is an infinitely subtle form of hypnosis and the enhanced natural psychological tendency to repress or dissociate the hypnotic contact with the primordial mind.

Reason becomes my gift in return for the gifts born of courage and love as the secret ones reluctantly reveal their ancient orientations in the unconscious realm. Compelled by the mastery of natural knowledge unconsciously used by Native Medicine people, "they know not what they do". Obsessions fundamental to the functions of our instinctual essence the "biological clock", the circadian rhythm or the importance/dominance by it of the mind are exploited, naturally in this modern demonstration.

Congressman Bob Etheridge

Family values were the focus of this congressional report produced by 22 members of the Congressional House. Rightfully the report touches on the relationship of "mental health" to the propagation of "family values". This article mentions Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado and the success of "character programs".

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I include this disturbing story because it happened within the window of time that includes the circadian rhythm. As with the school violence occurring in Christian middle schools, Raymond E. Wood of Warrensburg Missouri had mental problems that stem from a Dark pagan influence in his life from childhood. His Christian devotion as well as possibly his name "Raymond"( Rayman = sun ray) started it. The ancient persecuted, unconscious factions of sun worship are incensed by references to the sun when they are used in peoples names who are descended from crusaders.

My heart goes out to the families related to the Wood family. I cry when I look at the faces of these children. Their smiles are beautiful, very good, very beautiful.

Forgive me for using this story in this way but I know that unconsciously, all of those who have lost their lives in this ancient struggle would want me to use everything possible to protect love and life in the future, to protect what is sacred.

It is events such as the one above that make me know this knowledge of the unconscious mind MUST become something our society can deal with legally and clinically. There is NO PROTECTION from it by any other means. Presently the Pagan secret factions are discriminated against, as they have always been, and this provides NO protection. It only creates deeper resentment, anger and more danger for the children, all of the children in everyway.



Events around the Nation, concerns of Congress.